Catching Up

I’m so far behind on Ten on Tuesday so I’m just going to toss out a bunch of things that are on my mind right now.

1.  First and foremost (always)

Bounce 1
This little guy has been sooooo good this week.  It’s a rough week for me.  Jim is travelling and instead of being Monday through Wednesday it’s Monday through Thursday (ugh!)  Compounded by the fact that I have a major Federal Grant due on Friday (double ugh).  Robert has been an absolute gem every night this week.  When I say bedtime he grabs dolphin and heads down the hallway, after story time, snuggles and kisses he goes to sleep (Harley has even slept through the night!).  In the mornings I wake him up and he is all smiles while we get dressed.  Yesterday morning I told him how much I appreciate him getting dressed like a big guy and making Mommy’s morning go so smoothly and he said, “I love you!”  Absolutely melted me.  Last night I actually got 15 pages of narrative written while he played.

2.  Work.  LOVE IT!  Even on weeks like this.  I have a Federal Housing grant due.  Never written it before.  The woman who is actually responsible for doing the work is on extended leave until October.  The Program Director is out of the office Thursday and Friday for a medical procedure.  I kind of feel like I’m on my own a bit which for the most part I don’t mind but I’m still LEARNING the program.  I’ve got a pretty good grasp of it and with 48 hours to go it’s 75% done.  I worked from home the majority of today (a nice bonus!)  I’m really glad that Jim will be home tomorrow because it will probably be a really long day (ending at my Starbuck’s office I’m sure).  The classic part so far is federal grants are submitted online now and whereas the system recognized that I was a registered user and had the authority to grant or deny privileges to other users apparently I did not have the “right” to apply for grants.. so I had to “authorize” myself to “apply” for grants.  Luckily got that straightened out today… but not until after having a mild coronary that we might not be able to submit this stupid application after I thought everything was in order.

3.  My dear nephew has moved in with my Mom.  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  They are both doing wonderful with the arrangement!  I’m so happy for them.  In an effort to help him with his job search my Mom and Jim and I teamed up.  We have an Explorer that we are not using but it needed brakes and some other work.  Mom paid for the repairs and we have “loaned” it to Donald (so that we still carry the insurance) to use.  We delivered it last week.  He was thrilled and touched that we would all do that for him (um, hello, of course we would!)
Donald Explorer
Of course, his mother found out about it and made him him come into town and take her to work three days this week… grrr.. she just can’t be happy that someone did something for her son… she has to guilt him into doing something for her.  Seriously, she’s 38 she needs to learn how to take care of herself.  She’s the one who kicked him out when his social security checks quit coming when he graduated.  I was glad to hear today that he is back out with my Mom… and hope he can stay and not give into the guilt anymore.  He needs to live his life for himself for awhile.  Hopefully he can find a job soon, that would really boost his self-confidence.

4.  My Mom… she called last week and was going in for a CAT scan.  Found out this week it was clean… yeah!!!  So glad to hear that.  I worry about something happening to her… yeah, I’m almost 40 but I still really need my Mommy…. and so does Donald, and Robert!  He LOVES his Grandma!
Granny & Robert

5.  Robert turns THREE in a month and a half.  Party planning is in full swing.  We’ve set the date and it’s going to be a pirate theme.  My aunt emailed me today.  They’ve already bought the plates, cups, napkins, eye patches and a banner.  He is such a lucky kid.  My Mom called me the other day and said she was just going to get him a savings bond.  I told her that what I was probably really going to need was more pants so she went to Kohl’s THE NEXT DAY and bought him a bunch of pants.  She called me and said they’re really boring just navy blue and gray but I assured her he would love opening them.

6.  We have some really super volunteers at my job who pretty much run the food pantry.  Average age…. 75.  This is Mrs. Helen.  She’s 82 and has now officially adopted me.  I am so lucky.  She is really a neat woman and I enjoy the days I get to eat my lunch with her.

7.  Along with the Groundbreaking at work last week we also had our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Friday that was really well attended with about 100 people there.  We were giving all of our volunteers lapel pins and through a mistake with our promotions company the delivery came right down to the wire… apparently the Fed Ex guarantee delivery by 8am is not 8am CENTRAL time.  They got there right before the program started but gave me some anxious moments.

8.  I am really, really ready for the three day weekend next week.

9.  Jim is in Lincoln, NE right now and I wish he was home.  Even though things are going smoothly I miss having him here.

10.  I love Facebook and getting to catch up with my friends but I think it has but down on my blogging and the blogging of some of my other friends which sucks a bit.

11.  The weather has cooled off and it is a welcome change from hot and humid!  I even turned the air conditioning off last night.  I finally turned it back on this afternoon because my sinuses were starting to tune up a bit but opening the door and it not feeling like a blast furnace is certainly nice.

12.  Robert is still loving the Matching Game.  When he says Match Game he sort of emphasizes the “h” at then end of Match.  It’s so cute.  We played a few rounds tonight.  The last few rounds he got to choose what Mommy was going to find.
2Match 18

13.  A few weeks ago we met our friends the Petersen’s at the Bounce House to let the kids run off a bit of steam.  What a change from a year ago.  Robert can now navigate everything on his own.  Such a big guy.  He loved the obstacle course the best.
Bounce 4

14.  Robert is also currently fascinated with The Lion King… The Polar Express is sooooo last week!

15.  An old friend who I don’t talk to a  lot but have reacquainted with via Facebook sent me a message the other day offering me tickets to the Kansas City Fan Appreciation night…
– Royals vs. Indians game featured live on Crown Vision (6:05 PM start)
– Food and drinks provided
– Free giveaway items and prizes
– Access to walk the warning track
– Music, entertainment and free kids activities
– Majestic Team Store end-of-season clearance sale
– Free parking and admission
I thought that was pretty cool and we are looking forward to going.

16.  I’m helping another friend move this weekend.  They’ve gotten a lot of their stuff moved already so it should be pretty easy… hopefully the weather stays cool and we can be done in a few hours.

17.  With Jim out of town it is super tempting to let Robert sleep in our room because I miss the cuddle time but I know if I do he won’t want to leave so I have resisted the temptation but it isn’t easy!  Luckily he’s been in a pretty snuggly mood every nights so I’ve gotten a lot of nice cuddles.

18.  I have been so busy at work it seems like I’m neglecting the family sometimes.  Last week I only picked Robert up at school one night.  Usually Jim drops off and I pick up.  I felt horrible.  Unfortunately I hired in at a very busy time and have had to really hit the ground running.  The good news is that the deadline Friday is my next really big deadline and I’m hoping next week things slow down a bit and I can really take some time to do some planning and get a calendar of due dates set up so that it’s not so hurry up all the time.  Let’s face it, I’ve only been there 10 weeks.  I had to do a re-design on a display board that was completed my 8th week there… normally that would have been an 8 week project… let’s just say I worked at home a bit on that project.  Our office is closed the Friday of Labor Day weekend to clients so most of the staff will take that day off.  I’ve decided to go ahead and work because it should be really quiet, there will be really few people there, the dress will be uber casual and it will mean I can take Veterans Day off in November (which is a few days after my birthday).

19.  When I picked Robert up at preschool tonight Ms. Mary informed me that tomorrow is Yellow Day.  Of course today Robert wore a yellow shirt… so tonight I had to do laundry because he didn’t have another yellow shirt clean.  Couldn’t have been red day since he has approximate 100 clean red shirts right now!  Last week they had “Spirit Week” at the preschool… Monday was inside out day; Tuesday was crazy hair day; Wednesday was pajama day; Thursday was hat day and Friday was flip flop day.  I thought we had a few years until we had things like Spirit Week.

20.  There should be and probably is so much more but my brain is fried right now so this is it for tonight.


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