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Ten On Tuesday

snake 10

1.  Jim is in Pittsburgh working on the controls for a sign installation for the Pittsburg Penguins hockey team.  It is not going well.  He was supposed to be home tonight but called last night and his flight got changed to Wednesday since they were having problems and had to order more parts.  He called again today to say he the sign still isn’t working, they had to stop working on it for the hockey game to begin and he would let me know later when to expect him home (and he’s running out of underwear).  I hope tomorrow it all comes together and he can catch a flight home because we really miss him.
Penguins logo 

2.  As part of my job I get all the emails that go to our general email boxes.  If you wonder whether or not we’re in a depression I invite you to come read some of the stories that land in my inbox.  A lot of times they are from people who don’t live in our service area (or state for that matter – I try to refer them to help in their community)  Occasionally it’s a family you can help and they are so grateful. 

3.  Got  word today that a foundation I have a proposal in to wants to do a site visit in October…. that’s always a good sign… keeping my fingers crossed.

4.  Robert is trying to help more with dressing himself.  It has led to several minutes of hilarity.  Whenever he puts a shirt over his head he has to do the “Where’s Robert"?”  He’s also having a bit of frustration since we’re wearing long pants these days that his “feet are lost!!!”

5.  I picked up this book today at lunch…
llama llama
When I gave it to Robert he said, “No, not Chicka Boom Boom” and put it aside.  He won’t even let me pick it up.

6.  My aunt and uncle were supposed to leave on a two week vacation tomorrow but it has been cancelled because he has gotten the sinus infection that seems to be sweeping the town right now.  Majorly disappointed for them.

7.  Did some more birthday shopping over lunch today.  Robert will now be getting this…
and this…
construction vehicles 

8.  Robert tucked himself into my bed tonight and is adamant that he is not going to his bed… I’m thinking maybe he should just stay here.  Bad mama.

9.  I am really happy that even though he’s getting to be a big boy Robert still really likes cuddling with his Mama… and I hope he always does.

10.  Wondering where my husband is.  The hockey game is over according to their website but I still haven’t heard from him.  Hopefully he hasn’t been kidnapped by a rabid penguin.


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A Lot of Not OK Today

I snapped a quick picture of Robert to send to Jim when I tucked him into bed tonight.  He looks so old!  That’s not OK!!!  Where did my baby go!


Jim’s sign installation project is not going well.  He had to order a part that “should” be there tomorrow at 8am… which means there is no way he’s making his flight so he’s been extended a day… grrrr. We’ll survive but it’s so much nicer when he’s home.

Robert was a champ last night at bedtime and getting up this morning.  I’m hoping tomorrow goes as well since we have board meeting at 8am and I have to be there since I take the minutes and I’ve been asked to be the “staff speaker”.  I made bedtime 7:30 tonight which means he was asleep by 8:30.  I’ve been piled down in bed ever since watching the football game and doing some reading.

Today would have been my brother’s 42nd birthday.  Spending a lot of time thinking about what might have been.  I called my Mom today to try and get her to come and have lunch with me but she “couldn’t today”. 

I kicked Mel out of the bedroom so Harley could sleep with me tonight.  I’m trying to rotate my time with the fur kids because they’ve both been acting out lately and I’m not happy about it.

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Sunday Craftiness

Jim was leaving on a trip today and it’s always hard for Robert to say goodbye.  To make it a little easier we left at the same time Jim did to do a little shopping for some craft projects.  At Michaels Robert wanted to carry the basket.  He was going up and down the aisles and was fascinated by all the paint they had.  “Mama, come here!  More paint!!!!”
We picked up some sun catchers and some wooden crafts that you color with markers.  When we got home Robert wanted to paint the sun catchers first.
He helped clean up the counter when we were through painting.  Then he colored a wooden pirate ship.

Since this is a short trip with one goal in mind Jim didn’t take his computer so there will be no Skyping this trip which is a bit of a bummer. 

We’ve done pretty good this afternoon but Robert has been resistant to bedtime tonight and I’m letting him stay up a little later since he’s in my room watching TV and being pretty quiet.  I’m hoping maybe if he stays up a little longer he’ll go down a bit quicker.

It’s another busy week at work with a lot of meetings and deadlines.  Tuesday morning I have to be on time because it’s board meeting and I’m the official minute taker.  Jim gets home late Tuesday night and then has a Cigar Club meeting he wants to go to Wednesday.  I have a Community Service Committee Meeting Thursday night.

I’m loving the new TV season starting.  Sunday is football, football, football followed by the Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.  Speaking of football… our KC Chiefs are 3-0… can you believe it???  We are in total disbelief around here.  Also hats off to the Cowboys on their first win this year!

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Royals Fan Appreciation

A friend of mine’s company has season tickets to the Kansas City Royals and Friday night was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation night.  They open up the stadium, broadcast the out of town game on the big screen, have food and a bunch of kid activities all for free.  She wasn’t planning on going so she asked if we would like the tickets.  Well, I’m all about free so I said yes.  She sent us six tickets so I invited our friends the Petersens to come along too.  It was a blast.  Jim, Robert and I got there right when the gates opened and there were no lines for anything.  We actually rode the carousel all by ourselves a few times.  Robert had an absolute blast running around and playing on everything.

He loved watching the band and it only reconfirmed that he REALLY, REALLY needs a drum set.

FAN Band

He got to play in the broadcast booth in the Hall of Fame.

FAN Broadcaster 1
FAN Broadcaster 2

They had a lot of the former Royal greats there signing autographs.  It was so cute hearing Robert go through the line with his ball saying “Autograph please”.
Brian McCrae
FAN Brian McRae 
John Mayberry
FAN John Mayberry
Pitcher Dennis Leonard asked Robert if he wanted him to write Robert or Dennis on the ball, Robert replied, “Robert, NOT Dennis”
FAN Dennis Leonard
That comment cracked Willie Wilson up… and he was still laughing when Robert got to him… and he didn’t ask whose name he wanted on the ball.
FAN Willie Wilson

FAN Carousel 1
FAN Carousel 2
FAN RC & Daddy 1
FAN RC & Daddy 2
FAN Slugger
FAN Group

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Cupcakes for Daddy!

Jim was out of town for a few days this week.  We thought it was going to be two nights but he called Thursday to say things had wrapped up early and he’d be home around 7:00… so we decided to surprise him and make cupcakes.  Robert LOVES helping out in the kitchen.

He put the liners in the muffin pan.
Cupcakes 1
Cupcakes 2

He helped mix up the batter.
Cupcakes 3
Cupcakes 4

And he helped fill up the cups. 
Cupcakes 5
Cupcakes 6

Daddy was really surprised and got home just in time to help with the icing.

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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Thank goodness for Ten on Tuesday or my poor neglected blog might die out altogether.  I keep thinking I need to post but things are SOOOO busy… but they are good busy.

2.  Our anniversary was a colossal flop.  Yep, first time we have an overnight sitter for Robert the weather goes to hell and I got sick as a dog.  We did manage to go out to dinner to the same restaurant as our first date but that was about it.  By the time we got home I was miserable and basically loaded up on Nyquil and passed out in bed.  Sunday morning I had a 101 fever so I decided to go to urgent care before we went out to pick up Robert.  Got some antibiotics and I’m finally starting to feel better.

3.  Robert had a great time at Grandma’s.  When I got there to pick him up he looked at me and said, “what are you doing here?”  What a great welcome back!  It also gave Mom the confidence she needs that she can still wrangle a toddler.  They watched videos, colored, made cookies, frosted cupcakes.  She made him pancakes for breakfast and he ate five!

4.  My friend Dianne sent Robert’s birthday present home with me last week and said I could go ahead and give it to him.  A recorder and a harmonica… perfect!  He especially loves the recorder.  We have had many, many concerts… and some duets.

Recorder 1
Recorder 2
Recorder 3
Recorder 5

5.  Robert has also made his own drum set with his two chairs, drum, stock pot and the step stool.  Christmas and the “real” drum set can’t come quick enough!

Drummer 1
Drummer 2

6.  We had a FANTASTIC parent teacher conference tonight with Robert’s teacher.  I am so proud of him.  He’s a smart, has a sense of humor, is compassionate, is helpful, is a leader and the list goes on.  He doesn’t hit or bite and doesn’t retaliate when hit or bitten.  He organizes the class every morning to march and sing while playing guitars but also assigns one person to be the cheerleader each day.
Chicka Boom

We got the syllabus for the year and I’ve already entered it into my Google calendar so I know what the topic is each week so that we can do 360 wrap around learning at home… please tell me I’m not the only person who does stuff like this.  Next week is “Community Helpers” so we’ll be talking a lot about mail men, firefighters, policemen, etc.

7.  We have tickets to Royals Fan Appreciation night on Friday night.  I didn’t realize until today that there isn’t a real baseball game going on that night, just a televised game on the jumbo tron… but there are free activities for the kids and free food… we have extra tickets so I invited our Nancy and the kids to go since I know Jimmy works Friday nights.  She and I are so much alike we were both MORE excited when we found out it was not so much baseball but free stuff  🙂

8.  Jim has to go out of town tomorrow night for two nights then again Sunday for a few nights so he and Robert spent some time tonight having fun together.  Robert wanted to paint.  He does love to paint.

Painting 1
Painting 2
Painting 3

9.  Robert has been being VERY stubborn about pulling down his pants at school when it’s time to go to the bathroom.  We had a long talk last night about following directions and listening to his teacher.  I asked him if he understood that that Mommy expected him to listen to Ms. Mary and if he didn’t there would be consequences.  His response was “I’ll try” with a big thumbs up.  Where does this kid get this from???  We worked on it a lot at home and the report today was he did a lot better.

We’re not only working on him pulling his pants up and down at home but also dressing himself.  That’s having mixed results.  Tonight after bath Jim handed him his pull-up to put on… this is what we got instead…
Diaper Head 2 
Diaper Head 1
Seriously… where did this child come from!

10.  Work is nuts.  We are finding more and more grant opportunities which means more deadlines for me.  Then there is going to take pictures of the construction site daily… more meetings than you can shake a stick at… it’s insane.  The good thing is I’m loving it.  I just wish it would slow down a tich so I felt like I could breathe.

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Ten On Tuesday

1.  I actually almost started to write this during the Chiefs game last night because all of a sudden I thought it was Tuesday.  Then it dawned on me that they generally showed Monday Night Football on Mondays.

2.  How about those Chiefs… we are #1 in our division… have to type that while we still can.  The Defense looked pretty decent after they finally showed up (I think the first 10 minutes or so they were on the concourse trying out the new sandwiches).  The offense is still giving me a bit of concern.  I think Croyle might actually be the better quarterback choice… time will tell.

3.  I mowed the lawn tonight.  With all the rain we’ve had it needed to be bailed.  We had really let the upper back lawn go… it was ROUGH.  Note to self… don’t let it go that long again!  Robert once again cheered from the deck as I mowed.

4.  Poor Robert fell and hit his left cheek on a wooden rocking chair last night.  Then he turned and hit his right cheek on a door jam.  Today he got bit on the forearm at school… he is looking pretty battered.

5.  Flickr is my new obsession and creating different things out of the photos I find there and getting inspiration… I put this together last night…

6.  I’m really wanting to get a nicer lens for my Canon DSLR.  I’m looking for something more versatile but not $1K.  I think I’ve found a few contenders and hope maybe I can find a gently used one or a new one for around $300… something to put on my wish list.

7.  Saturday is our anniversary.  I picked out Jim’s gift today at the men’s store on the Square.  I got him a KU planner with a really cool pen that matches.  I think he will really like it.  We will drop Robert off at my Mom’s around 1pm Saturday for his overnight stay… I know he’ll have a great time with her and cousin Donald.  Now we just need to figure out what we’re going to do.  Personally I’d really like to go to World’s of Fun.  We could be there by 3pm at the latest, buy twilight passes and have 8 hours of roller coaster riding fun.  Not exactly romantic so I’m hesitant to suggest it since Jim is a titch more romantic for me… but he hasn’t come up with anything better yet.  We shall see.

8.  Robert is doing really well about not having any accidents at preschool but he isn’t initiating asking to go to the bathroom.  I know he’s going to be one of those kids who the light bulb just goes on one day and he’s potty trained… I’m ready for the switch to be flipped.

9.  He still has NO interest in being a shark.  I’m planning on picking up some cool shark books this weekend to plant some seeds… yeah, mind manipulation… I’m not beneath it.

10.  Demolition starts tomorrow at the site of our new building at work.  Exciting times!  Hopefully everything can start without a hitch and in a few months we’ll be in our new space.

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