Come on Weekend!!!

I am so ready for the upcoming three day weekend.   Not ready enough to take the option of having Friday off (I still really want Veteran’s Day off during my birthday week).  Unfortunately in Independence it is Santa-Cali-Gon Days… a three day street festival that in my 40 years of living in the area I have never gone to, and have no desire to go to… but unfortunately my office is smack, dab in the middle of… ugh!  For some reason they decided they had to start shutting streets down this morning so it took some maneuvering to get into the parking lot… the rule for the next two days is basically once you’re in, don’t leave!

I was working late last night and got a call from our veterinarian clinic.  They were calling to let me know they had Harley at the clinic.  Apparently she had gotten out and a very nice woman picked her up and took her to the clinic when I didn’t answer my cell phone the first time.  I quickly called Jim and asked what was going on… he had no clue she was out and quickly headed to the clinic to pick her up.  Turns out someone (probably a utility company employee) had gone into the back yard yesterday and broke the latch on the gate… thanks so much for leaving a note!)  Luckily Jim was able to fix it and Harley is now able to safely go out and survey her kingdom once again.  Judging from the time Jim got home and the time I got the first call she couldn’t have been out more than five minutes before she was “captured” (of course when she’s out she’ll run right up to anyone but us!)  The tech at the vet’s office said she came in and made herself right at home, I have the only dog in America who thinks the vet’s office is a wonderful field trip.  I’ll have to admit when they called and said she was there my first thought was “Did she run away to the vet’s office?”
Harley Fugitive

After last week’s Federal Grant Hell (with travelling husband) this week has been a lot easier with just one major project that has to go out Friday… a few minor distractions and a minimal amount of meetings.  Next week gets a bit crazy with deadlines again… some just because the Exec. Director is going out of town for a week and I’ll need to get some things done so he can sign them before he leaves on Thursday.  Of course, Jim is going out of town again… Sioux City, Iowa… really hard to be jealous of that trip.  I have a meeting Wednesday night that I’m trying to decide whether to call and say I can’t make it or just go ahead and take Robert with me.  It’s only an hour meeting and if I pick up dinner for him there is a chance he’ll eat the majority of the time.  I really need to go to the meeting since I missed last month… I don’t know how single mothers do it, I really don’t.

Since the cupboard was absolutely bare I decided to let Jim pick up Robert at preschool tonight and brave the grocery store.  Egad!  There were a ton of people there… including Robert’s preschool teacher who I had a nice conversation with (she really loves him).  It took over and hour… the cart was overflowing but there were some really good deals that I just couldn’t pass up.  I’m happy to report the freezer is well stocked again and the pantry overfloweth!  Yeah!!!  Which means next week all I should need is milk and bread  🙂

We’re still trying to figure out what we want to do this weekend.  I’m not really interested in the Irish Festival this year because there isn’t enough stuff to hold Robert’s interest.  One thing I know we’re going to go to is the KC Symphony Pops in the Park.  It’s Saturday night and the weather is supposed to be perfect.  We’ve invited Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward to go along with us and are going to take a picnic dinner.  Along with the performance they are having an “Instrument Petting Zoo” before the performance and at intermission where kiddos can touch the instruments and learn about them from the musicians.  That should be right up Robert’s alley.  I also think we’re going to try to “schedule some down time” this weekend since Jim is travelling next week and then the weekends all seem to have something going on from here until I don’t know when… looking at the calendar it’s just insane.  Some time for the boys to lay in the hammock and for me to curl up with a book. 

I found out this week that my Mom and nephew are taking Robert for the weekend September 18th & 19th so that Jim and I can have some “us” time for our anniversary.  I know Robert is going to have a fabulous time and be well cared for… I’m just hoping that Mommy will be OK leaving her baby… OK… I’m actually worried that once he sees how the other half lives he won’t want to come home!

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