Cookie Monster

I talked to my Aunt last night.  They are bringing our dinner to the park tonight… fried chicken and sides so I volunteered us to bring drinks and cookies.  This morning I started to make the cookies and the minute Robert heard the mixer I had a sous chef.  He loves helping in the kitchen.

CM - Cookie Helper 2

CM - Cookie Helper

CM - Mixing Cookies 2

CM - Mixing Cookies

The scooping was a bit more of a challenge and I can still hear him saying, “Scoop and shake, shake, shake…”  We have some interestingly shaped cookies but they still taste, “Deee-lish-us” according to our official tester.

CM - Scoop 2

CM - Scoop 3

CM - Scoop

CM - Tasting

I love cooking with Robert and the fact that he really likes to be in the kitchen.  I remember my brother and I learning our fractions cooking with my Mom.  I hope Robert always likes to help out in the kitchen.  Chicks dig guys who can cook…. I know I do!

After we were finished I was surfing the net and Facebooking and this picture popped up on my screen… I love Jim’s sense of humor… made me LOL.

CM - 10 Cookies!

So now it’s nap time for the boys, yes, the big one is less grumpy at night if he get an afternoon nap too… and he is the one who got up at the crack of dawn with Robert and let me sleep in so he deserves it.  I need to run to the store to get a few things… six things to be exact… seems like such a waste of time but we really need the six things.  I hate the grocery store and it’s Saturday so there are sure to be a ton of morons there… luckily I’ll qualify for the express lane.  Tonight we’re off to Pops in the Park.  I hope we have half the fun I think we will… I know I have looked forward to it all week.


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