Pops In The Park

Well… the little guy wound up NOT napping at all yesterday afternoon… ugh!  When it was time to go he was all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  He really had no idea what a symphony was but he heard “music, Aunt Barb, Uncle Ward and park” and knew it had to be something good.

PP - On Our Way

We met Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward and had a picnic.

PP - Picnic

PP - Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward

They had some instruments set up in and “Instrument Petting Zoo” so that we could go down and try them out.  He loved it!

There were drums…

PP - Drums 2

PP - Drums

And cellos…

PP - Cello 2

PP - Cello

And violins…

PP - Violin 1

PP - Violin 2

PP - Violin 3

PP - Violin 4

PP - Violin 5

PP - Violin 6

And trumpets…

PP - Trumpet 2

PP - Trumpet 3

PP - Trumpet

And a French Horn…

And a trombone…

Needless to say we were a little shocked that having never touched a brass instrument before Robert was able to produce pretty good tone out of the trumpet, French horn and trombone.  He’s too young for formal training but I definitely don’t want to quash his love for playing music so I’m looking into some “realistic” toy instruments for him.  His favorite was the drum though and not being able to play it during the performance caused a few tenuous moments.  This morning he announced he wants a drum set.  Aye yay yay.

He also got to eat popcorn and listen to the Symphony.  He made it until intermission and then it was time to go… he was just a little too wound and chasing him was getting to be a bit “not fun” for Mommy and Daddy.  
PP - Popcorn

Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward stayed for the second half of the performance and said it was really good and were really glad that we had invited them because otherwise they probably wouldn’t have gone.  I couldn’t believe when we were leaving how many people were really there.  There wasn’t a bare spot on the grass to be had to sit and the parking lot was full and they were parking cars in the fields all the way to the fences.  Impressive.


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