Ten on Tuesday

1.  I am super excited that I found this sweater for Robert’s three year old photo shoot.  He’s so into music that it perfectly wraps up his personality.  It will be easy to put with jeans or khakis and it will be really easy for me to find something to coordinate with for Jim and I for our family portrait, it’s not even October yet and I got it 60% off!  Yeah me!!!

2.  Robert has a dolphin “pillow pet” that he is just wild about.  Dolphin has to go to school with us every day.  It’s a security thing and I’m fine with it.  For the most part dolphin hangs out in Robert’s cubby and comes out at nap time.  Friday I found the mini-dolphin pillow pet and thought it would be perfect to “live” at school… so I got it… of course, Robert really wants nothing to do with Dolphin, Jr. and refused to take him to school this morning.  Poor, unloved Dolphin, Jr.  We will try again tomorrow.

3.  My other brilliant purchase Friday was this too cute for words shark Halloween costume from Old Navy.
shark costume
Does he love it?  Nope.  He’s luke warm about it at best.  Whenever I ask him if he wants to be a shark for Halloween he, very politely, responds, “No thank you Mama”.  He has 55 days to change his mind or not wear anything.

4.  Robert had a rough day of not wanting to cooperate today.  His teacher actually wrote the word “rebelling” on his day note.  This is not typical for him at all.  I’m hoping he was just tired from a busy weekend and it passes quickly and this is not the beginning of a phase.  Either way we’ll get through it.  Not great that it started the same time we started potty training.

5.  My Mom was getting her hair cut today and her salon is just down the street from my office.  She had me drop by to see her and gave me a really cool new laptop bag… tres chic!

6.  Our Executive Director is leaving Thursday morning for a week in California Wine Country… which has moved all of my September 15th grant deadlines up a week… no vacation for me.

7.  Our weekend calendar is looking insane between now and mid-October… lots of fun stuff coming up including our anniversary weekend and Robert’s birthday.

8.  My nephew texted me the other day to invite me to his One Year Sober celebration on October 9th… of course I’ll be there… wild horses couldn’t keep me from it, I’m very proud of him.

9.  I have a 7:30am meeting tomorrow and a 6:00pm meeting tomorrow.  I hate days like that.  Makes for a really long day.  Combine that with a big convention being downtown (30,000 Baptists) means I’ll have to leave extra early to deal with traffic.

10.  I think bedtime is going to need to be early tonight… it was rough getting going this morning… guess getting to sleep in those three days was a bad idea… but it sure felt good at the time.


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