Ten On Tuesday

1.  I actually almost started to write this during the Chiefs game last night because all of a sudden I thought it was Tuesday.  Then it dawned on me that they generally showed Monday Night Football on Mondays.

2.  How about those Chiefs… we are #1 in our division… have to type that while we still can.  The Defense looked pretty decent after they finally showed up (I think the first 10 minutes or so they were on the concourse trying out the new sandwiches).  The offense is still giving me a bit of concern.  I think Croyle might actually be the better quarterback choice… time will tell.

3.  I mowed the lawn tonight.  With all the rain we’ve had it needed to be bailed.  We had really let the upper back lawn go… it was ROUGH.  Note to self… don’t let it go that long again!  Robert once again cheered from the deck as I mowed.

4.  Poor Robert fell and hit his left cheek on a wooden rocking chair last night.  Then he turned and hit his right cheek on a door jam.  Today he got bit on the forearm at school… he is looking pretty battered.

5.  Flickr is my new obsession and creating different things out of the photos I find there and getting inspiration… I put this together last night…

6.  I’m really wanting to get a nicer lens for my Canon DSLR.  I’m looking for something more versatile but not $1K.  I think I’ve found a few contenders and hope maybe I can find a gently used one or a new one for around $300… something to put on my wish list.

7.  Saturday is our anniversary.  I picked out Jim’s gift today at the men’s store on the Square.  I got him a KU planner with a really cool pen that matches.  I think he will really like it.  We will drop Robert off at my Mom’s around 1pm Saturday for his overnight stay… I know he’ll have a great time with her and cousin Donald.  Now we just need to figure out what we’re going to do.  Personally I’d really like to go to World’s of Fun.  We could be there by 3pm at the latest, buy twilight passes and have 8 hours of roller coaster riding fun.  Not exactly romantic so I’m hesitant to suggest it since Jim is a titch more romantic for me… but he hasn’t come up with anything better yet.  We shall see.

8.  Robert is doing really well about not having any accidents at preschool but he isn’t initiating asking to go to the bathroom.  I know he’s going to be one of those kids who the light bulb just goes on one day and he’s potty trained… I’m ready for the switch to be flipped.

9.  He still has NO interest in being a shark.  I’m planning on picking up some cool shark books this weekend to plant some seeds… yeah, mind manipulation… I’m not beneath it.

10.  Demolition starts tomorrow at the site of our new building at work.  Exciting times!  Hopefully everything can start without a hitch and in a few months we’ll be in our new space.


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