Royals Fan Appreciation

A friend of mine’s company has season tickets to the Kansas City Royals and Friday night was Season Ticket Holder Appreciation night.  They open up the stadium, broadcast the out of town game on the big screen, have food and a bunch of kid activities all for free.  She wasn’t planning on going so she asked if we would like the tickets.  Well, I’m all about free so I said yes.  She sent us six tickets so I invited our friends the Petersens to come along too.  It was a blast.  Jim, Robert and I got there right when the gates opened and there were no lines for anything.  We actually rode the carousel all by ourselves a few times.  Robert had an absolute blast running around and playing on everything.

He loved watching the band and it only reconfirmed that he REALLY, REALLY needs a drum set.

FAN Band

He got to play in the broadcast booth in the Hall of Fame.

FAN Broadcaster 1
FAN Broadcaster 2

They had a lot of the former Royal greats there signing autographs.  It was so cute hearing Robert go through the line with his ball saying “Autograph please”.
Brian McCrae
FAN Brian McRae 
John Mayberry
FAN John Mayberry
Pitcher Dennis Leonard asked Robert if he wanted him to write Robert or Dennis on the ball, Robert replied, “Robert, NOT Dennis”
FAN Dennis Leonard
That comment cracked Willie Wilson up… and he was still laughing when Robert got to him… and he didn’t ask whose name he wanted on the ball.
FAN Willie Wilson

FAN Carousel 1
FAN Carousel 2
FAN RC & Daddy 1
FAN RC & Daddy 2
FAN Slugger
FAN Group


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