Sunday Craftiness

Jim was leaving on a trip today and it’s always hard for Robert to say goodbye.  To make it a little easier we left at the same time Jim did to do a little shopping for some craft projects.  At Michaels Robert wanted to carry the basket.  He was going up and down the aisles and was fascinated by all the paint they had.  “Mama, come here!  More paint!!!!”
We picked up some sun catchers and some wooden crafts that you color with markers.  When we got home Robert wanted to paint the sun catchers first.
He helped clean up the counter when we were through painting.  Then he colored a wooden pirate ship.

Since this is a short trip with one goal in mind Jim didn’t take his computer so there will be no Skyping this trip which is a bit of a bummer. 

We’ve done pretty good this afternoon but Robert has been resistant to bedtime tonight and I’m letting him stay up a little later since he’s in my room watching TV and being pretty quiet.  I’m hoping maybe if he stays up a little longer he’ll go down a bit quicker.

It’s another busy week at work with a lot of meetings and deadlines.  Tuesday morning I have to be on time because it’s board meeting and I’m the official minute taker.  Jim gets home late Tuesday night and then has a Cigar Club meeting he wants to go to Wednesday.  I have a Community Service Committee Meeting Thursday night.

I’m loving the new TV season starting.  Sunday is football, football, football followed by the Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.  Speaking of football… our KC Chiefs are 3-0… can you believe it???  We are in total disbelief around here.  Also hats off to the Cowboys on their first win this year!

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