Ten On Tuesday

snake 10

1.  Jim is in Pittsburgh working on the controls for a sign installation for the Pittsburg Penguins hockey team.  It is not going well.  He was supposed to be home tonight but called last night and his flight got changed to Wednesday since they were having problems and had to order more parts.  He called again today to say he the sign still isn’t working, they had to stop working on it for the hockey game to begin and he would let me know later when to expect him home (and he’s running out of underwear).  I hope tomorrow it all comes together and he can catch a flight home because we really miss him.
Penguins logo 

2.  As part of my job I get all the emails that go to our general email boxes.  If you wonder whether or not we’re in a depression I invite you to come read some of the stories that land in my inbox.  A lot of times they are from people who don’t live in our service area (or state for that matter – I try to refer them to help in their community)  Occasionally it’s a family you can help and they are so grateful. 

3.  Got  word today that a foundation I have a proposal in to wants to do a site visit in October…. that’s always a good sign… keeping my fingers crossed.

4.  Robert is trying to help more with dressing himself.  It has led to several minutes of hilarity.  Whenever he puts a shirt over his head he has to do the “Where’s Robert"?”  He’s also having a bit of frustration since we’re wearing long pants these days that his “feet are lost!!!”

5.  I picked up this book today at lunch…
llama llama
When I gave it to Robert he said, “No, not Chicka Boom Boom” and put it aside.  He won’t even let me pick it up.

6.  My aunt and uncle were supposed to leave on a two week vacation tomorrow but it has been cancelled because he has gotten the sinus infection that seems to be sweeping the town right now.  Majorly disappointed for them.

7.  Did some more birthday shopping over lunch today.  Robert will now be getting this…
and this…
construction vehicles 

8.  Robert tucked himself into my bed tonight and is adamant that he is not going to his bed… I’m thinking maybe he should just stay here.  Bad mama.

9.  I am really happy that even though he’s getting to be a big boy Robert still really likes cuddling with his Mama… and I hope he always does.

10.  Wondering where my husband is.  The hockey game is over according to their website but I still haven’t heard from him.  Hopefully he hasn’t been kidnapped by a rabid penguin.


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