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Hockey and Halloween!!!

Friday night we had a “Frightening Four Pack” of tickets to the hockey game so I called my nephew to see if he wanted to be our “fourth”.  He did so we all met up at the Independence Events Center to watch the Missouri Mavericks take on the Missisippi River Kings.Mavs - Jim Donald & Robert
Mavs - Donald Robert Susanne

I got Robert a Mavericks cow bell to help him with his cheering, he liked it for a bit.  He got a little restless during the first period so we went out and took a walk (actually he ran) on the concourse.Mavs - More Cowbell
They had a lady doing face painting and I thought that might be fun… Robert had other thoughts so his face did not get painted… little snot.Mavs - No Face Paint

Robert made it through part of the second period and then was ready to leave so he and I came home and Jim and Donald stayed and watched the rest of the game.  Apparently the third period turned into a major fight.  There were a total of 300 minutes in penalties for the game. The Mavericks would up losing but everyone had a good time.

My Aunt had called earlier in the week to tell me about a Trick or Treat event at Old Shawnee Town on Saturday night.  It sounded like fun.  We met she and Uncle Ward at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner then headed over to Old Shawnee Town.  My Aunt could not believe how many people were there… literally there was a line all around the town… we just had to choose a spot and jump in.TOT 1
Wards Snickers
Uncle Ward got a Snickers.

They had bobbing for apples… I decided to show Robert how it was done since he was too little.  My Aunt gave her purse to my Uncle because she “wasn’t going to let me make a fool of myself alone.”  After I came up dripping wet she decided not to partake.  Robert thought it was FABULOUS.  He was cheering and afterwards gave me a thumbs up and a high five.  My only regret is the water was COLD!!!Bobbing
Bobbing Success 

Then we got to go on a hay ride.  Robert wanted to sit by Uncle Ward… which thrilled Uncle Ward.Group Shot

Afterwards we headed over to Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward’s so Robert could Trick-Or-Treat them.  They were giving out cupcakes… score!Barbs and Wards House
Barbs and Wards Door
Barbs Treats 1
Barbs Treats

He helped them relax and kick off their boots/shoes.
Barbs Boots 2
Barbs Boots
Wards Shoes

He was not happy when I said it was time to go.  He really thought we should just stay the night.  Luckily Daddy said we could stop for Slushees on the way home, that helped. 

I love that my Aunt and Uncle like to do things with Robert.  I got an email from her this morning thanking us for including them.  He loves them so much and I am so glad that he gets to know them.  They would do anything for him and absolutely light up when he is around.

This morning I slept in.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last week with Jim being gone so I was extra tired.  I woke up to mocha and donuts in bed.  Jim even got an extra cup at Starbucks so Robert could have his milk in a Starbuck’s cup.  He thought he was big time.

This afternoon I spent quite a bit of time going through the pictures for the year and putting them in an album for Jim’s aunt and uncle in Arkansas.  I have been remiss in getting them pictures this year and feel horrible about it.  Seems like life always gets in the way.  I also got the thank you notes from Robert’s birthday written.  Ran a few errands, cleaned the cameras… the weekend went way too fast.


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Ten On Tuesday

1.  We are turning negatives into positives!  Found this quote this morning…

Life is like photography – use the negatives to develop positives.

How perfectly does that wrap up the new family philosophy???

2.  Robert woke up this morning EXCITED to go to “Miss Mary’s House”.  That made me feel good.

3.  Miss Judy texted me tonight and she is coming for brunch on Saturday.  I sure hope she can find another position soon.  She is so good with the kiddos but no degree is killing her right now.

4.  Jim is in Cincinnati today through Thursday so we’re doing the single mom routine.  The older Robert gets the easier it gets.

5.  Potty training is coming along.  We had a poopy accident tonight and I told him he needs to tell me when he needs to go potty.  He looked at me dead serious and said, “I just did Mom”.  Hard to argue with that.

6.  My Mom is finally feeling better… yeah!!!  She was sick for over three weeks.  She hasn’t felt good since August but she was pretty much home-bound for three weeks which is NOT like her.  She’s finally getting out of the house again and her voice is stronger.  I hope she takes it easy until she gets her strength back.

7.  One of Robert’s favorite things to do right now is to climb up on me and hug me and say “got you”… I’m so glad he’s got me and I’ve got him.

8.  We had a building evacuation at work last week because a drunk and disorderly client was threatening to shoot the “next person who talked to him”.  Turned out he did not have a gun but was nice to see the evacuation go smoothly and the police respond so professionally.  I swear it is never a dull moment at my office.

9.  I bought Robert the Toy Story 1 video a few weeks ago and still haven’t been able to get him to watch it… I don’t know what his resistance to it is.

10.  Robert’s new thing is he HAS to water the plants out front when we get home.  He takes his job very seriously.
Flowers 1
Flowers 2
Flowers 3
Flowers 4
Flowers 5
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.

Flowers 6
Flowers 7
Flowers 8
Flowers 9
Flowers 10
Flowers 11
He’s so proud of a job well done.

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Rolling With It

Saturday we had to replace a toilet in the main bathroom… no big deal.  It went off without a hitch.  Jim woke me up Sunday to say the mainline was backing up in the basement… great, tree roots.  No problem, we’ll call the plumber, have them come out Monday.  Well, they came out tonight.  The main line was backed up but that was only half the problem.  Unfortunately the other half of the problem cost six times as much to repair as the main line clean out.  Oh well… it’s just money.  As Jim was adding things up in his head he kept looking at me going, “Why isn’t this bothering you.”  Quite frankly it’s my new attitude.  I have to have plumbing, there’s no getting around it.  Girlfriend just does not operate without a hot shower and a flushing toilet.  We have the money, yes, it’s not how I was planning on spending it but what the heck, whatever else I would have purchased cannot compare to sanitary conditions in the home.  Let’s face it… we have a home for shit to go wrong in (no pun intended)  People who are just like Jim and I are walking past my desk every day going to the food pantry for the first time because of lay offs and job loss.  We’re not looking at living in our car.  We’ve got food in the pantry.  A huge plumbing bill is the least of my worries at this point.  Even better… we’re all healthy.  No one told me I have cancer, or worse, that Robert does.  Seriously, it’s time to re-frame life and start seeing that the crappy stuff (again, no pun intended) really isn’t all that crappy in the larger context of things.  What was funny is the plumber felt so bad for us he gave us a $25 discount (for the coupon in the yellow pages) and the senior discount!  He said he knew we weren’t that old but to just go with it.  Fine by me… if it saves me money, I’m all for it.

On to happier things.  Miss Mary sent me pictures of Robert throughout the day and he did really, really well.  When I went to pick him up he did not want to come home… little snot!  When I was on my way to pick him up I passed a church that was advertising a “Trunk or Treat” tonight.  Knowing the plumber was coming I decided that might be a great way to get him out of the house for a bit.  So we went home and changed into his costume and away we went.  He was a bit reserved at first but quickly caught on to the fact that people were giving him candy.  There was no stopping him then!

Trunk 1
OK!  I’m ready!!!

Trunk 2

Trunk 3

Trunk 4

Trunk 5

Trunk 6 

Trunk 7

Trunk 8

Trunk 9

Trunk 10

Trunk 11
Look at everything I got Daddy!

Trunk 12
Two suckers at once!!!

Trunk 13

Trunk 14 
Yeah, Trick or Treating is cool!!!

My Aunt emailed me today about a Trick or Treat village in their neighborhood on Saturday night so we are going to go to that.  I think we also might do a few other Trunk or Treats.  He’s going to love dressing up now!

Jim leaves for Cincinnati tomorrow.  Ugh!  At least it’s after the morning rush so I’ll be able to get out and to board meeting on time.  It’s another busy week at work.  I think they’re all going to be busy from here on out.  But busy is good, busy is job security, and job security pays the plumber 🙂

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Trying to Breathe

What a week.  Jim was in Pittsburgh so that always makes for a longer week for me.  I got to the preschool to pick Robert up Thursday night to find out they are closing.  Friday would be their last day.  Apparently they had some tax problems and were seized by the IRS.  There goes our October pre-payment and I had nowhere to send Robert on Monday.  His teacher got hold of me and she is looking at doing some home preschool with a friend.  I do not like home preschool situations but I also don’t want to totally uproot Robert right now.  And Miss Mary really knows Robert and “gets” him.  So, for now, and probably until the first of the year we will be doing a home preschool situation with Miss Mary and her friend Miss Jen.  They will only have four kiddos.  Robert, another boy from his class and two of Miss Jen’s children.  I’m feeling OK about it.  Mary understands that I want him back in a center setting soon but that I also understand that he’s doing so well with his potty training right now and just did a big transition 17 weeks ago.  Not to mention all the local centers are now being flooded with requests.  I know he’s going to be fine but I am still feeling a whole lot of guilt about him being uprooted and his routine upset (even though he has no clue yet).  And it’s not like I am doing this by my choice.

I was amazed that all of the teachers showed up on Friday knowing that their paychecks are no good (the preschool accounts have been frozen).  They were there for the kids.  They truly loved them.  I was calling some centers on Friday finding out some details so we could start looking at what we’ll do after the first of the year and one center I talked to was hiring.  I immediately recommended two teachers and gave the director their phone numbers.  I know they called Miss Judy and she has an interview Monday at 9am… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they hire her.  Those poor teachers had no warning.

In the midst of trying to sort through everything Thursday night and make decisions and discuss things with Jim on the phone the toilet in the main bathroom started leaking… so we had to replace that Saturday.  Then this morning the main line in the basement backed up so we have to have that augured out tomorrow.  All minor annoyances but they’re starting to stack up and really get on my nerves. 

Jim leaves for Cincinnati on Tuesday morning and will be gone through Thursday night so this child care situation really needs to work out for my peace of mind. 

There was also some fun stuff this weekend.  Donald and I helped sell Chuck A Puck’s at the Maverick’s hockey game on Friday night for my job.  Our team collectively set a record for the season… yeah!!!  Jim and Robert came and saw the first period of the game and Robert now loves hockey and wants to learn to skate.  I think we might go again this coming Friday.  I need to call tomorrow and check on tickets.

Saturday night was the Soroptimist Trivia Night Fundraiser that I chaired.  We raised over $1000 and it was a super fun night for everyone.  I even won a few cool raffle items including an Annedore’s chocolate basket… mmmmmm.

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Ten On Tuesday


1.  I think we’ve finally recovered from all the birthday revelry.  I know I am ready to have cake out of the house for a while.  I love it but it seems to stick with me and I’m not liking the extra two pounds the scale says I gained.   :::grrr:::

2.  Jim left for Pittsburgh this afternoon.  Back to try to fix the sign for the Penguins.  I hope it goes well so maybe he can come home Thursday instead of Friday.

3.  I have three grants that are confirmed in the “final” rounds.  One I know the grantor is in the process of voting; the second is doing a site visit on Thursday and the third is doing a site visit next week.  A total of $145,000 in funding on the line.  Would really make my month if all three would come in… heck, I’d settle for two!

4.  Work is just stupid busy right now.  My “to-do” list has a “to-do” list.  Compound that with people (read donors) who don’t realize that yes, if you want your ad in the Gala program you need to send it to me by the deadline… which was last Friday, and I’m still waiting on five of them.  :::grrr:::

5.  Friday night I’m selling “Chuck A Pucks” at the Missouri Maverick’s hockey game for work.  My nephew is also volunteering and I’m excited about that. 

6.  Robert has started noticing the “Pillow Pets” commercials (probably because they show during one of the shows we tape for him.  Whenever the commercial comes on he sings along with it and yells out “I have dolphin!”  Pride of ownership  🙂

7.  Only 67 days until Christmas and the first gift is officially in the house.  Yes, these (except ours are metallic blue) arrived today…
Yes, come Christmas morning the pa rum pum pum pumming will just be beginning around here.

8.  My Mom is STILL sick.  She got MORE medicine today.  I’m starting to get concerned.  She’s starting to get crabby and agitated (I think part of that has to do with the nebulizer).  I hope she gets to feeling better soon.  I think it would help if this daffy weather could decided what it’s doing instead of 80 degrees one day 50 degrees the next.

9.  Robert is having another speech explosion.  All of a sudden he has a ton more words and phrases.  And even better, I’m not the only person who can understand what he is saying!

10.  Yesterday I worked late knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to the rest of the week since Jim is out of town.  I finally left the office at 7pm and was almost home when I heard that Jos. A. Banks was having one of their “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” sales and it ended Wednesday.  Even though I was tired and soooo ready to be home I knew it would be easier to shop for Jim while tired than while with Robert (unfolding everything that is on a shelf 40” or lower!)  I found three great sweaters for him… all for the price of one!

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Robert’s Party

Robert’s family party was yesterday at Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward’s house.  It was a perfect day with the exception of my Mom was too sick to come.  She’s been pretty sick with an upper respiratory type thing for a few weeks and you know it’s bad when she misses a grandchild’s birthday party.  The good thing has been going to the doctor and is getting some medical care so hopefully she’ll be able to bounce back soon.  Anyway, on to the party.

It was a pirate theme and Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward went all out.  There were pirate hats and earrings.  There were parrots and pirates signs.  There were also eye patches for everyone!RCW
RCW 3 

Robert helped Aunt Sue put two on!

RC & AuntSue

Robert met Bob and Sherry on the porch to give them their eye patches.

Hello Bob & Sherry 

Present time!!!  This is really the first celebration time that Robert understood the concept of presents… and he loves it! 

RCW 10
RCW 11
RCW 12
RCW 13
RCW 14
RCW 15
RC Hugging Aunt Sue

Then it was time for cake.

Robert really does not like our singing but this year he sat through it instead of yelling “Stop!  Stop!  Stop!” like last year.RC During Singing 2
RC During Singing
Finally… time to blow out the candle!
RC Blowing Out Candle

After cake Robert was told that Uncle Ward had another present for him in the back yard…
RC Wagon 1
RC Wagon 2
An all terrain wagon!  He LOVED it!  And we got to take turns pulling him around in it.  When we left we found out that it fits PERFECTLY in the back of the Jeep.  It’s going to be so convenient to take with us when we go places like festivals and the zoo.
RC Wagon 3
RC Wagon 4
RC Wagon 5
RC Wagon 6
RC Wagon 7
RC Wagon 8
RC Wagon 9
RC Wagon 10

After we played in the wagon we visited and played around the house for a while.

Then it was time to go home.  Hugs for everyone!

He is such a lucky little boy to have so many people who love him so much. 

Since Mom is sick, I accompanied my Aunt to the theater today with their season tickets.  We saw, “The Love List” at the American Heartland Theater.  The play was good but it was also just so much fun to spend some one on one time with my aunt.  She and I always have so much fun together.

This is going to be another very busy week.  I have two days to produce the printed program for our event in November.  Of course, we still don’t have all the ads for it so I’ll just have to make it up as I go along.  Jim leaves for Pittsburgh on Tuesday and won’t be back until Friday.  Friday night I get to go to my first Mavericks Hockey Game for work and Saturday I have a trivia night fundraiser.

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The Birthday


We woke Robert up telling him Happy Birthday.  He looked at me and said, “Today Mama"?”  It was so cute.  Daddy got him up and dressed and he headed out to the living room.  From the top of the steps he saw the balloons and immediately dropped dolphin and headed to the couch.  When he saw his presents he asked me if they were for him.  When I told him they were he was so anxious to start opening them.Presents 1

Presents 2

Presents 3

Presents 4

Presents 5

Presents 6

Presents 7

Presents 8
When he opened this one I asked him what it was and he said, “It’s a box!”


Presents 9

Presents 10

Presents 11

Presents 12

After presents we went and got our pictures taken then we went to Winstead’s for breakfast.  Pancakes
Pancakes 2
Pancakes 3 

After pancakes we went to the zoo!  We got to see Nikita the polar bear.  He is really neat!

Nikita 1
Nikita 2
Nikita 3

We rode the carousel.


“Helloooooo elephants!!!”


Reading plaques on the trail.

Reading Plaque

Reading Plaque 2

Looking out over Africa.

Looking Glass
Looking Glass 2

Daddy's Shoulders

When it was time to go home we danced out of the zoo.
Dancing 1
Dancing 2
Dancing 3 

Robert took a power nap on the way home.

Sleeping in Car

Once we got home he had a chance to play with his toys.

Cutting Food 1

Cutting Food 2

Cutting Food 3

Then it was time for cupcakes!

Cupcake 1

Cupcake 2

Cupcake 3

Cupcake 4

Cupcake 5

Cupcake 6

Cupcake 7

It was such a great day!  Saturday we will have his party with the family at my Aunt’s house.  I know my Aunt and Uncle are very excited.  I have no idea what they got him but I do know that there was some assembly required and we need to bring the Jeep to get it home.

Robert woke me up at 4am last night (he was sleeping with me).  “Mama, I want my trumpet”  It was on the nightstand so I handed it to him but told him he could not blow it and to go back to sleep.  Fifteen minutes later he tapped on my shoulder again, “Mama?  I want to blow.”  I told him to go back to sleep.  When I woke up he was curled up fast asleep with the trumpet in his arms.

Unfortunately it seems Robert has hit the Torrential Three’s right smack in the middle of the head.  He was an absolute bear at preschool today… I believe the wording on the note was “obstinate all day”.  Aye yay yay… this too shall pass.  We did discuss tonight that if he is in trouble at school he is in trouble at home and I told him if he continues to get bad reports I will have to take his trumpet away.  We shall see.

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