Fall Is Here!

It was a beautiful, crisp, fall day here today and we enjoyed EVERY minute of it.  After running a bit of a fever last night Robert bounced back this morning and was ready to go!
Ready To Go

Our first stop was the Louisburg Cider Mill.  They were having a fall festival so it was super crowded.  They also wanted $8 a person to ride the hay wagon out to the pumpkin patch because it included the corn maze (which we weren’t interested in).  Robert had his heart set on getting a pumpkin so we let him pick one out of the pre-picked pile.  The only rule was he had to be able to carry it.
Pumpkins 1
He was very proud when he finally found the perfect one.

After we picked his pumpkin it was time for some apple cider and cider donuts… they were a definite hit!

After that we headed to the Overland Park Arboretum for their Arts for Kids day.  Robert was super excited when we got there…
Running 1

He got to meet Forest Fox…
Forrest Fox

They had a lot of craft activities. 
Making a bird feeder…
Making a thumb print medallion…
Painting a shaky snake…
Shaky Snake
Making hedge ball trolls…
He made a magic wand and spent the rest of the day casting spells with his magic phrase… “Sallie Boo Boo”
Wand 1
Wand 2
Magic Bridge
Wand 3

There was a hay bale maze…
Hay Bale Maze 2
Hay Bale Maze 3
Hay Bale Maze

We got to go on a hay ride…
Hay Ride 2
Hay Ride

It was a good, busy day… and the weather was just perfect!  Crisp enough you still needed a sweat shirt but not so cold that you were miserable. 

Tomorrow Jim is smoking two slabs of ribs and we’re hanging out watching the football games.  The Chiefs have the week off but the Packers play at noon.


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