Perfect Fall Sunday

I woke up this morning to the smell of meat on the smoker.  Jim was smoking ribs and pork loin.  Mmmmm.  It was so good!  He and Robert went to Starbuck’s and brought me back my morning coffee. 

The Chiefs had a bye week this week so we tuned in the Packer’s game.  Robert wore himself out cheering for the Pack.
Exhausted Packer 1
Exhausted Packer 2

Apparently I was making too much noise in the kitchen because I came out to find he had buried his head in the cushions.
Exhausted Packer 3

I made some pumpkin shaped cupcakes and frosted them with liquid fondant. 
Pump Cakes 1
Pump Cakes 2
I made a few examples for Robert…
Pump Cakes 3
After dinner he went to work decorating the remaining ones.
Pump Cakes 4
Pump Cakes 5
Pump Cakes 6
Pump Cakes 7
Pump Cakes 8
Pump Cakes 9
Pump Cakes 10
Pump Cakes 11
Pump Cakes 12

Tonight it’s Amazing Race and Undercover Boss.  As usual, the weekend went by way too fast!


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