Ten On Tuesday

The quick and dirty edition…

1.  Nope, the closet did not get done this weekend… Jim and I were both under the weather Sunday and took turns alternating who was in bed and who was up with Robert.

2.  Work is so busy right now I may not breathe until the end of the year.  I’ve gotta get a visual calendar up on my wall so I can take it all in… but I love it.

3.  Robert’s birthday is tomorrow and it’s going to be jam packed with fun!  I just got the balloons brought in and the presents wrapped and waiting on the couch.

4.  We’re having our portraits taken tomorrow.

5.  We will eat pancakes while we wait for our prints to be ready… and I will take candles to put in them  🙂

6.  We’re going to the zoo… and the weather is supposed to be perfect… 67 and sunny!

7.  Robert got a card in the mail tonight and it’s one of the Hallmark cards that talks.  He was fascinated by it.  After listening to it for 10 minutes he gave me a big hug and said, “I love it mama!”

8.  I’m tired of family drama.

9.  No drama is allowed for Robert’s party Saturday.

10.  I’m exhausted and going to bed so that I can enjoy tomorrow!


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