Ten On Tuesday


1.  I think we’ve finally recovered from all the birthday revelry.  I know I am ready to have cake out of the house for a while.  I love it but it seems to stick with me and I’m not liking the extra two pounds the scale says I gained.   :::grrr:::

2.  Jim left for Pittsburgh this afternoon.  Back to try to fix the sign for the Penguins.  I hope it goes well so maybe he can come home Thursday instead of Friday.

3.  I have three grants that are confirmed in the “final” rounds.  One I know the grantor is in the process of voting; the second is doing a site visit on Thursday and the third is doing a site visit next week.  A total of $145,000 in funding on the line.  Would really make my month if all three would come in… heck, I’d settle for two!

4.  Work is just stupid busy right now.  My “to-do” list has a “to-do” list.  Compound that with people (read donors) who don’t realize that yes, if you want your ad in the Gala program you need to send it to me by the deadline… which was last Friday, and I’m still waiting on five of them.  :::grrr:::

5.  Friday night I’m selling “Chuck A Pucks” at the Missouri Maverick’s hockey game for work.  My nephew is also volunteering and I’m excited about that. 

6.  Robert has started noticing the “Pillow Pets” commercials (probably because they show during one of the shows we tape for him.  Whenever the commercial comes on he sings along with it and yells out “I have dolphin!”  Pride of ownership  🙂

7.  Only 67 days until Christmas and the first gift is officially in the house.  Yes, these (except ours are metallic blue) arrived today…
Yes, come Christmas morning the pa rum pum pum pumming will just be beginning around here.

8.  My Mom is STILL sick.  She got MORE medicine today.  I’m starting to get concerned.  She’s starting to get crabby and agitated (I think part of that has to do with the nebulizer).  I hope she gets to feeling better soon.  I think it would help if this daffy weather could decided what it’s doing instead of 80 degrees one day 50 degrees the next.

9.  Robert is having another speech explosion.  All of a sudden he has a ton more words and phrases.  And even better, I’m not the only person who can understand what he is saying!

10.  Yesterday I worked late knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to the rest of the week since Jim is out of town.  I finally left the office at 7pm and was almost home when I heard that Jos. A. Banks was having one of their “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” sales and it ended Wednesday.  Even though I was tired and soooo ready to be home I knew it would be easier to shop for Jim while tired than while with Robert (unfolding everything that is on a shelf 40” or lower!)  I found three great sweaters for him… all for the price of one!


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