Trying to Breathe

What a week.  Jim was in Pittsburgh so that always makes for a longer week for me.  I got to the preschool to pick Robert up Thursday night to find out they are closing.  Friday would be their last day.  Apparently they had some tax problems and were seized by the IRS.  There goes our October pre-payment and I had nowhere to send Robert on Monday.  His teacher got hold of me and she is looking at doing some home preschool with a friend.  I do not like home preschool situations but I also don’t want to totally uproot Robert right now.  And Miss Mary really knows Robert and “gets” him.  So, for now, and probably until the first of the year we will be doing a home preschool situation with Miss Mary and her friend Miss Jen.  They will only have four kiddos.  Robert, another boy from his class and two of Miss Jen’s children.  I’m feeling OK about it.  Mary understands that I want him back in a center setting soon but that I also understand that he’s doing so well with his potty training right now and just did a big transition 17 weeks ago.  Not to mention all the local centers are now being flooded with requests.  I know he’s going to be fine but I am still feeling a whole lot of guilt about him being uprooted and his routine upset (even though he has no clue yet).  And it’s not like I am doing this by my choice.

I was amazed that all of the teachers showed up on Friday knowing that their paychecks are no good (the preschool accounts have been frozen).  They were there for the kids.  They truly loved them.  I was calling some centers on Friday finding out some details so we could start looking at what we’ll do after the first of the year and one center I talked to was hiring.  I immediately recommended two teachers and gave the director their phone numbers.  I know they called Miss Judy and she has an interview Monday at 9am… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they hire her.  Those poor teachers had no warning.

In the midst of trying to sort through everything Thursday night and make decisions and discuss things with Jim on the phone the toilet in the main bathroom started leaking… so we had to replace that Saturday.  Then this morning the main line in the basement backed up so we have to have that augured out tomorrow.  All minor annoyances but they’re starting to stack up and really get on my nerves. 

Jim leaves for Cincinnati on Tuesday morning and will be gone through Thursday night so this child care situation really needs to work out for my peace of mind. 

There was also some fun stuff this weekend.  Donald and I helped sell Chuck A Puck’s at the Maverick’s hockey game on Friday night for my job.  Our team collectively set a record for the season… yeah!!!  Jim and Robert came and saw the first period of the game and Robert now loves hockey and wants to learn to skate.  I think we might go again this coming Friday.  I need to call tomorrow and check on tickets.

Saturday night was the Soroptimist Trivia Night Fundraiser that I chaired.  We raised over $1000 and it was a super fun night for everyone.  I even won a few cool raffle items including an Annedore’s chocolate basket… mmmmmm.


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