Hockey and Halloween!!!

Friday night we had a “Frightening Four Pack” of tickets to the hockey game so I called my nephew to see if he wanted to be our “fourth”.  He did so we all met up at the Independence Events Center to watch the Missouri Mavericks take on the Missisippi River Kings.Mavs - Jim Donald & Robert
Mavs - Donald Robert Susanne

I got Robert a Mavericks cow bell to help him with his cheering, he liked it for a bit.  He got a little restless during the first period so we went out and took a walk (actually he ran) on the concourse.Mavs - More Cowbell
They had a lady doing face painting and I thought that might be fun… Robert had other thoughts so his face did not get painted… little snot.Mavs - No Face Paint

Robert made it through part of the second period and then was ready to leave so he and I came home and Jim and Donald stayed and watched the rest of the game.  Apparently the third period turned into a major fight.  There were a total of 300 minutes in penalties for the game. The Mavericks would up losing but everyone had a good time.

My Aunt had called earlier in the week to tell me about a Trick or Treat event at Old Shawnee Town on Saturday night.  It sounded like fun.  We met she and Uncle Ward at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner then headed over to Old Shawnee Town.  My Aunt could not believe how many people were there… literally there was a line all around the town… we just had to choose a spot and jump in.TOT 1
Wards Snickers
Uncle Ward got a Snickers.

They had bobbing for apples… I decided to show Robert how it was done since he was too little.  My Aunt gave her purse to my Uncle because she “wasn’t going to let me make a fool of myself alone.”  After I came up dripping wet she decided not to partake.  Robert thought it was FABULOUS.  He was cheering and afterwards gave me a thumbs up and a high five.  My only regret is the water was COLD!!!Bobbing
Bobbing Success 

Then we got to go on a hay ride.  Robert wanted to sit by Uncle Ward… which thrilled Uncle Ward.Group Shot

Afterwards we headed over to Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward’s so Robert could Trick-Or-Treat them.  They were giving out cupcakes… score!Barbs and Wards House
Barbs and Wards Door
Barbs Treats 1
Barbs Treats

He helped them relax and kick off their boots/shoes.
Barbs Boots 2
Barbs Boots
Wards Shoes

He was not happy when I said it was time to go.  He really thought we should just stay the night.  Luckily Daddy said we could stop for Slushees on the way home, that helped. 

I love that my Aunt and Uncle like to do things with Robert.  I got an email from her this morning thanking us for including them.  He loves them so much and I am so glad that he gets to know them.  They would do anything for him and absolutely light up when he is around.

This morning I slept in.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last week with Jim being gone so I was extra tired.  I woke up to mocha and donuts in bed.  Jim even got an extra cup at Starbucks so Robert could have his milk in a Starbuck’s cup.  He thought he was big time.

This afternoon I spent quite a bit of time going through the pictures for the year and putting them in an album for Jim’s aunt and uncle in Arkansas.  I have been remiss in getting them pictures this year and feel horrible about it.  Seems like life always gets in the way.  I also got the thank you notes from Robert’s birthday written.  Ran a few errands, cleaned the cameras… the weekend went way too fast.


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