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Ten On Tuesday


1.  I’m uber glad that Moriah is doing her December Photo A Day challenge again on Facebook… yeah, my December Daily album will now have something in it!

2.  I’m getting really sick of people complaining about things just for the sake of complaining… ugh!

3.  Jim has one more trip this year then he is home until the end of the year.  Yeah!!!

4.  22 more days until I’m on vacation!!!

5.  Jim will be on vacation too!!!

6.  My Christmas shopping is 90% done and 85% wrapped… and it’s not even December 1 yet!

7.  The weekends are already filling up.  December is going to be crazy.  Doesn’t help that there is one fewer weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

8.  Today was the coldest day of the year, we even had snow flurries… so of course we came home to the furnace being off.  Luckily Jim was able to reset it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a fluke.

9.  Robert is doing so good at his new preschool.  His teacher adores him and I’m so glad we are settled in somewhere again.

10.  I really hope that sometime this weekend we can get the tree and decorations up so the house looks a little more Christmas-y.


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Today we spent most of the day at home recovering from the long weekend and preparing to go back to work tomorrow.  Jim did a lot of work straightening our bedroom and doing laundry.  I got a hair cut.  Robert discovered that the camera goes on the tripod and went about documenting things he found interesting.
Yeah, he’s my son.

I also made my version of Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark.  I have been unable to find Reindeer Corn anywhere, except the expensive candy store for $8 a pound (I don’t think so) and then realized, we don’t like candy corn.  So, I substituted holiday M&M’s and created M&M Holiday Cookie Bark.  Robert helped me break up the pretzels and Oreos.

It was delicious!

I also got the teacher gifts put together today by channeling my inner Martha Stewart.  I was proud of my jingle bell in the middle of the bow.

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Christmas 25… the 2010 Edition

Since Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is a mere 28 days away I thought I better get busy making my list of “Christmas Things To Do”.  We already did two of them today so I’m off to a good start.

1.  Visit the Fairy Princess.

2.  Got to Crown Center Toyland

3.  Decorate the Christmas tree.

4.  Bake cookies.

5.  Make a Gingerbread Train.

6.  Do an Advent Calendar for Robert.

7.  Take a carriage ride.

8.  Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

9.  Make a Christmas craft.

10.  Write a letter to Santa.

11.  Visit Santa.

12.  Watch “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

13.  Make holiday treats to give as gifts.

14.  Drive around and look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate.

15.  Get new Christmas pajamas for Robert.

16.  Have our family portrait taken.

17.  Send Christmas cards.

18.  Play in the snow.

19.  Read, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

20.   Dance to Christmas Music in our pajamas.

21.  Go to a Christmas Eve service.

22.  Make a donation to the CSL Christmas store.

23.  Put out milk and cookies for Santa.

24.  Go see the Plaza Lights.

25.  Keep a holiday journal.

Last year we managed 22 out of the 25 on our list.  We’ll see how many we get done this year.  It’s nice to have it written out where I can look back and see how we are doing.  It also helps me to have the list so I can plan our weeks with the extra holiday stuff going on at my office and Jim still travelling, even small things sometimes take a lot more thought to execute.

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Crown Center Toyland

The temperature in Kansas City today was in the high 50s so we decided it might be a good night to go see some of the Kansas City lights since it was warm enough we wouldn’t have to wear parkas and gloves.  First stop, Crown Center Toyland and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.  Robert had a great time playing on all the toys.


“All aboard!!!”


“To fitty (infinity) and beyond!!!” (in the rocket ship)

There was a band playing Christmas music so we stopped to listen.CC10

Checking the menu at Crayola Café.CC11

Yep, they have chicken and fries, we can eat here.CC12

We had planned to go walk around the Country Club Plaza and take in the lights after dinner.  Traffic was heavy.  Robert saw the lights but before we could get parked he was out like a light.  We’ll go back another night.  You can see the lights through the car window in the background.

Plaza Lights

Of course when we got home he got his second wind.  It’s now 9:00pm and his Daddy is trying to get him down for the night.  I’m hiding out in the other room Smile  I’m hoping tomorrow we can start putting up the tree and decorations.

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The Fairy Princess

The Fairy Princess only has a few more days before she leaves to go back home so we decided today was the day to go visit.  I actually got Robert to: stand still, look at the camera and smile for a few shots.  No easy feat these days!RC Fairy Princess 1
RC Fairy Princess 2

RC Fairy Princess

The wait was a little boring… as you can tell by my child’s Divo pose.  I have no idea where he gets these poses from.

RC Fairy Princess 3

He was not real sure about sitting on her lap and I had to carry him up to her and put him on her lap.  He immediately struck this pose (and he’s never seen Home Alone).  The photographer kept telling him to put his hands down.  I was dying laughing and told them to just snap it, I’d buy it.  Best Fairy Princess picture ever!Fairy Princess

Afterwards he got to play in the igloo.  This igloo was at the Kansas City Museum when I was his age and I have many memories of going to the museum and playing in the igloo.  Nice to be  able to share them with him since it’s no longer on display.

RC Igloo

RC Igloo 2

RC Igloo 3

I did a little shopping and Robert played in the play land.  He was not thrilled when it was time to leave.  Life is so hard when you live in a dictatorship.

RC Home from Zona

This afternoon I ventured out shopping alone and got the rest of Robert’s presents.  I wrapped everything I had in the house last night.  I also finished his Advent Calendar boxes.  I’m ready for December 1st.

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Thanksgiving 2010

We have a new baby in the family.  My great nephew, Lucas Bradley, was born November 12th so several of us got to meet him for the first time Thanksgiving.
Thanks 1
I swear he has the longest fingers and toes!Thanks 2Thanks 3Thanks 6Thanks 7Thanks 8Thanks 9Thanks 10Thanks 11Thanks 12Thanks 13

Oh yeah, we also ate!  And ate, and ate and ate!Thanks 4Thanks 5Thanks 17
I believe Mom was telling me to get out of her kitchen  Smile
Thanks 14
My aunt brought these adorable turkey cupcakes.

Thanks 15Thanks16

Robert thought the cupcakes were “Deee-lish-us!”

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The Things My Kid Says…


Robert has quite the imagination and he’s always cracking me up with some of the stuff he comes up with. 

Driving home from preschool on Wednesday he kept saying, “Shew, that was close.”  I don’t appreciate the color commentary on my driving  Smile

Wednesday night I asked Robert where we were going on Thursday.  He very excited replied, “THE BEACH!”  Um, no, we’re going to Grandma’s house… which luckily was just as good to him.  What I don’t understand is he’s never been to the beach so I have no idea where that came from.

Thursday on the way to Grandma’s house a semi-truck passed us and a little voice rang out from the back seat, “Let’s race him!”  That caused Jim to look at me with a raised eyebrow and ask just what I was doing when he is in the Jeep.

He got to meet his new baby cousin Lucas at Thanksgiving dinner.  He seemed to think he was pretty OK.  At one point he went up to my Aunt who was holding Lucas and said, “OK, give me the baby.”  Apparently he thought he could just take him to the bedroom and play with him.  Not for a few more years buddy.

Today we were playing on the couch and all of a sudden he put his hand to his ear:
”Hello, yes, yes….” (then over his shoulder to me, “It’s Grandma”  Their conversation continued, “Oh no Grandma, are you OK???  I’m sorry.  Love you Grandma, bye!”  He “hung up” then looked at me and said, “Grandma is sad.  We need to go to her house.”

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