Shoot Me Now

Last night Robert and I both had crappy sleep patterns.  I couldn’t get to sleep and then when I finally did he woke up.  It made for a long day for both of us.  Got home tonight, finally, after a meeting ran late for Jim to spring the news on me that Miss Mary gave her two weeks notice this morning.  This arrangement is just not financially viable for her and we need to find other arrangements.  Ugh!  Called one center and got an interview for tomorrow.  I’m not getting good reviews on it.  Then talked to another one of Robert’s former teachers and she has an interview at a center tomorrow that has AWESOME reviews.  We’re going to try to check it out too.

Of course, we found out today that Jim is once again going out of town next week.  This time it’s Pittsburgh (again!)  He leaves Sunday and won’t get home until Wednesday.  Saturday we have our big gala for work; Sunday is the birthday lunch my Mom is throwing for me; Monday is Jim’s birthday; Tuesday is my birthday and I have an all day seminar Monday and Tuesday.  NOT exactly a great time for him to be gone.  Then Jim leaves again the following Sunday for Orlando for four days… so, no matter when we change to a preschool, next week or the week after, Jim will be out of town… which puts it all on me.  Ugh.

But… I’ve made promises to him all his life…
Robert Staring
I’ve promised him that I will always make decisions in his best interest.
I’ve promised him that if Mommy says the situation is OK, it is, he can trust me.
I’ve promised I’ll always be there for him.
So, I’m gonna put on my big girl pants and figure this one out.  I will find him someplace safe, that he will grow to love, and it will be a transition, but he’ll get used to it.  The first few days are gonna kill me though.


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