I’m Still Here

Wow… it’s been a wild ride lately.  We had our major fundraising gala at work.  The good news is we raised $100K.  The bad news is that meant me being on my feet at the convention center for 15 hours on a Saturday!  And to boot Mom was having a brunch for me at her house the next day in honor of my birthday.  I survived it all even with Jim leaving town Sunday and leaving me to wrangle Robert on my own.  My birthday came and went and the high point was birthday greetings from FaceBook friends.  Jim kind of dropped the ball.  I was hurt but I’m over it now and we’re moving on.  I wrote a scathing post last Tuesday but luckily the universe knew it should never go out and it somehow got eaten between me writing it and hitting upload.  Probably for the best.

I finally got Robert to watch Toy Story last week.  Now that  is ALL he wants to watch.  He IS Buzz Lightyear.  We hear “To fitty and beyond!” a lot around here and this morning I swear I caught him just before he “flew” down the steps.  I even got him to wear a winter hat by telling him it was a space helmet.

Fitty and Beyond

I thought I’d surprise him today with some new Buzz Lightyear bedding… big mistake.  He did not like it.  I made his bed and had him come in and look.  He threw the pillow off and started ripping off the comforter and looked at me with his worst look of disgust and said, “Not grandma’s blanket!”  I had no clue he was that attached to his quilt or that he had any idea Grandma had given it to him.  He was way to young to know at the time.  But alas he fell asleep in my arms on the couch tonight… so I stuck him in the Buzz Bed!  HA!  I win  Smile

Buzz Bedding

Yesterday Robert decided he wanted pancakes for dinner.  So Daddy had him help make them.

Mixing Pancakes 2

Mixing Pancakes

Waiting for Pancakes 2

Waiting for Pancakes

Robert’s first week at the new preschool went well.  He adjusted nicely, which was a huge relief to me.  His teacher is wonderful and of course we are thrilled that Ms. Judy is there too.  Please God, let this be stable for a while!!!

Last week was a super successful week for me professionally with $112,380 grants coming in.  That is a sweet week when you’re yearly goal is $350,000.  Unfortunately $50,000 of it was capital so it won’t count towards my goal but it still feels damn good.


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