Christmas Planning

Jim can be tough to shop for.  He has few hobbies outside of his cigar interest.  I have done a few cool cigar gifts for him over the years but currently his large humidor (gift from me) is full of past gifts that he hasn’t had time to smoke so gifting him with more seems kind of silly.  And I’m sort of wanting to branch out.  He would really like to get into competition barbecues and the first step in doing that is developing your own sauces and rubs.  So, my idea is to get him a few sauce and rub cook books, find out from them the bulk spices he will need and  put them in a large tin with basters and mops, etc.  I think he will really flip for it.  So, tomorrow I will pick these two cook books up at Barnes and Noble (they are holding them for me) so that I can start figuring out all the spices, etc. I need to get.  Luckily I know a great bulk spice place.  I’m so excited!




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