The Suite Life

So yesterday the Mayor’s office called and said they were going to give the tickets to the Mayor’s Suite (center ice!) for the hockey game Saturday night to our organization.  They are doing the big tree lighting Saturday night so they probably didn’t have anyone available to use them.  Our boss sent out an email… two tickets to the first 7 people who respond (there are 15 seats in the suite).   I called my nephew to see if he could go with me and he had other plans that were more important (and I agreed).  So I called Jim… maybe we could get a sitter… Ms. Judy was busy.  As I was trying to figure out if I could get another ticket from my boss or who else I should call to watch Robert I heard the boss tell another co-worker I was the only one who had responded so we were going to return the tickets because we couldn’t have just two people in the seats.  Whoa!  Hold on there hoss!  So I jumped in and let him know I could fill the suite… no problem.  So, I got ALL FIFTEEN TICKETS!!!  Jim called a couple of friends and gave away 6 of the tickets.  I put a message up on Facebook and got an old friend from high school who has a daughter about Robert’s age who has been wanting to go to a game.  Four tickets left… I called my oldest friend Ernie to see if he and his wife and daughters wanted to go.  He jumped at it.  So, tomorrow night we will have the best seats in the house with 12 friends… how cool is that?

Tonight I met my nephew at the movies to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  He and I have been to EVERY Harry Potter movie on opening day.  I had a great time getting a chance to hang out and talk with him before the movie.  After the movie, even before I got home he texted me that the final movie comes out the day after his birthday and we would definitely be there.

After the movie I took advantage of my alone time to take a spin through Kohl’s and mark a few more things off of my Christmas list.  Robert got my Mom a Panda Bear pillow pet.  She got him his dolphin years ago and she always says she regrets giving it away because it’s so soft.  Since he is so attached to it we decided that it would be great if he gave her one for Christmas.  I also picked up some photo coasters for my Aunt and Uncle, a few outfits for my new great nephew Lucas Bradley who was born November 12th, a few toys for Robert and some socks for me because I’m sick of not being able to find socks!  This weekend I’m going through the sock basket and if there isn’t a mate, they’re being tossed or repurposed!

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