Ten On Tuesday

Welcome to Ten on Tuesday… the overly tired and bitchy version.

1.  Terrible bout with insomnia last night left me with less than four hours of sleep and a full day today.

2.  Full day was made longer when a reporter called at the end of the day wanting to film a story on the Christmas store.  Love publicity, not so wild about having to stay late, but you take the good with the bad some days.

3.  We had two large food deliveries today so the warehouse door was open a lot.  Even with the interior door closed it was cold at my desk most of the day… I hate being cold.

4.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow… most of the staff is gone so it should be a lot QUIETER than it was today.  I swear it was so loud today you couldn’t hear yourself think (hey, I warned you this was the bitchy version).

5.  It’s a good night to veg out in bed, eat Reindeer Chow and watch To Kill A Mockingbird… and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

6.  I couldn’t find an advent calendar that I liked for Robert so I’m making one out of a paper mache box.  I need to get cracking on that this weekend.

7.  I have a pretty good start on my Christmas shopping.  Planning on doing some online Black Friday shopping but skipping the early morning in store madness this year.

8.  Getting ready to make our list of 25 Christmas Activities so we can get started on doing them.  The Clydesdale farm sold so we won’t be able to do that this year which is kind of a bummer.

9.  Moriah is doing her “Facebook Photo A Day December” challenge again this year so I need to start figuring out things to photograph.

10.  I’m dying to make this Reindeer Corn Cookie Bark but can’t find reindeer corn anywhere!  Aarrghhhh!!!

And thus concludes my 10 on Tuesday, hopefully I get some sleep and have a much better disposition in the morning  Smile


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