Crown Center Toyland

The temperature in Kansas City today was in the high 50s so we decided it might be a good night to go see some of the Kansas City lights since it was warm enough we wouldn’t have to wear parkas and gloves.  First stop, Crown Center Toyland and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.  Robert had a great time playing on all the toys.


“All aboard!!!”


“To fitty (infinity) and beyond!!!” (in the rocket ship)

There was a band playing Christmas music so we stopped to listen.CC10

Checking the menu at Crayola Café.CC11

Yep, they have chicken and fries, we can eat here.CC12

We had planned to go walk around the Country Club Plaza and take in the lights after dinner.  Traffic was heavy.  Robert saw the lights but before we could get parked he was out like a light.  We’ll go back another night.  You can see the lights through the car window in the background.

Plaza Lights

Of course when we got home he got his second wind.  It’s now 9:00pm and his Daddy is trying to get him down for the night.  I’m hiding out in the other room Smile  I’m hoping tomorrow we can start putting up the tree and decorations.


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