The Fairy Princess

The Fairy Princess only has a few more days before she leaves to go back home so we decided today was the day to go visit.  I actually got Robert to: stand still, look at the camera and smile for a few shots.  No easy feat these days!RC Fairy Princess 1
RC Fairy Princess 2

RC Fairy Princess

The wait was a little boring… as you can tell by my child’s Divo pose.  I have no idea where he gets these poses from.

RC Fairy Princess 3

He was not real sure about sitting on her lap and I had to carry him up to her and put him on her lap.  He immediately struck this pose (and he’s never seen Home Alone).  The photographer kept telling him to put his hands down.  I was dying laughing and told them to just snap it, I’d buy it.  Best Fairy Princess picture ever!Fairy Princess

Afterwards he got to play in the igloo.  This igloo was at the Kansas City Museum when I was his age and I have many memories of going to the museum and playing in the igloo.  Nice to be  able to share them with him since it’s no longer on display.

RC Igloo

RC Igloo 2

RC Igloo 3

I did a little shopping and Robert played in the play land.  He was not thrilled when it was time to leave.  Life is so hard when you live in a dictatorship.

RC Home from Zona

This afternoon I ventured out shopping alone and got the rest of Robert’s presents.  I wrapped everything I had in the house last night.  I also finished his Advent Calendar boxes.  I’m ready for December 1st.


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