Ten On Tuesday


1.  I’m uber glad that Moriah is doing her December Photo A Day challenge again on Facebook… yeah, my December Daily album will now have something in it!

2.  I’m getting really sick of people complaining about things just for the sake of complaining… ugh!

3.  Jim has one more trip this year then he is home until the end of the year.  Yeah!!!

4.  22 more days until I’m on vacation!!!

5.  Jim will be on vacation too!!!

6.  My Christmas shopping is 90% done and 85% wrapped… and it’s not even December 1 yet!

7.  The weekends are already filling up.  December is going to be crazy.  Doesn’t help that there is one fewer weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

8.  Today was the coldest day of the year, we even had snow flurries… so of course we came home to the furnace being off.  Luckily Jim was able to reset it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it was just a fluke.

9.  Robert is doing so good at his new preschool.  His teacher adores him and I’m so glad we are settled in somewhere again.

10.  I really hope that sometime this weekend we can get the tree and decorations up so the house looks a little more Christmas-y.

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