Dessert Auction!!!

There were three special events benefitting my company today… two Christmas concerts and a Dessert Auction… guess which one I opted to go to Smile  It was the most family friendly and since Jim is out of town next week I wanted something where I didn’t have to leave the boys at home.  I was also really happy when we got there to see that my Mom and nephew were there since it was in Oak Grove (near where they live).  Robert was also thrilled to see them.

OGDA - 4
OGDA - 5
OGDA - 6
This is my nephew ignoring me when I’m teasing him about something.OGDA - 7

Santa was there too, so Robert got a brief visit.OGDA - 2OGDA - 3

Some of the local grade-schoolers had made these Gingerbread Houses and Robert was fascinated by them.  When a small lot of them (3) came up, Jim bought it for Robert.OGDA - 8
This one had a little Gingerbread Man outside the front of it…OGDA - 9
… he was delicious!OGDA - 10
Then he proceeded to remove all the candy.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Just figured he was entertained, it was good for me.OGDA - 11OGDA - 12OGDA - 13OGDA - 14
Then he started eating the house!  It was hilarious.  He was determined.  Mom went to tell a friend of hers to come look (because it was hilarious) and the photographer from the local paper came along with her.OGDA - 15OGDA - 16OGDA - 17OGDA - 18OGDA - 19OGDA - 20
“Why is everyone looking at me???  Haven’t they ever seen a little boy eat a Gingerbread House???”OGDA - 21
OGDA - 23
The ending product.
OGDA - 22

He definitely entertained all the people around us.  What a kid.


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