Ten On Tuesday… the Late Edition

1.  Today was one of those 12+ hour days at work and I’m exhausted!

2.  Tonight was “Shop With a Hero” in Oak Grove.  Ten kids from our organization were teamed up with either a police officer or a fire fighter and given a $100 Wal-Mart gift card to do their shopping.  All the kids were between 7 and 11 years old and it was interesting to watch them shop.  None of them spent it all on themselves.  A lot of them chose at least one piece of clothing for themselves.  All 10 made sure they had something for everyone in their family.  The family stories will tear your heart out.  One of the mother’s was in tears when she brought her daughter, so grateful to have the opportunity.

3.  Oak Grove is about 35 miles further from my house than my office.  Made for a marathon of leaving my office and coming back north to pick up Robert from preschool then fighting rush hour traffic to get to Oak Grove where my nephew met me and took my Jeep (with Robert) to he and Mom’s house in Odessa (another 10 miles further).  Then when I got done at 7:45 I went and picked up Robert and we came home.  Didn’t get home until 9:15 and drove over 100 miles today.

4.  Jim is out of town on his last trip of the year.  Thank goodness it’s the last one because my job is crazy for the next two weeks.

5.  Mom couldn’t find the V-Tech Buzz Lightyear phone for Robert when she was at Target yesterday so Jim picked it up in Wichita today.  I love being able to log on and see what stores have what I want so I can coordinate pick up of things.

6.  A local Scout Troop delivered over 35,000 food items to one of our pantries last night… that is a massive amount of food!

7.  This weekend I need to start my holiday baking, get out the garland for the mantle and find our stockings.  Only 18 more days until Christmas !!!  I’m so far behind.

8.  We’re getting our holiday portraits done on Sunday.  I’m ashamed to say I’m just buying the pre-printed cards at the studio this year.  Usually I do more with our cards but it’s going to be all I can do to get them addressed and in the mail.

9.   I kept having a dream where a good friends father would appear in it.  He’s been dead for a few years.  All he would say is, “Tell Dianne I’m fine.”  I finally called her yesterday to tell her I might be bat-shit crazy but I just needed to tell her.  She confirmed that she really needed to hear that right now.  He did not come back last night.  Weird.

10.  Robert fell asleep in my arms tonight.  It was so nice and peaceful.  I was about to drift off myself and Harley started barking so now I’m awake… grrrr.


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