Ten On Tuesday

Wow… 11 days until Christmas and things couldn’t be busier so here is this week’s “Ten on Tuesday”

1.  I really wanted Robert to get this Lego set for Christmas.

My Aunt and Uncle were going to get it for him but it sold out in all the stores QUICK.  It retails for $34.99… you can buy it online for $59.99 now!  RIDICULOUS!  So I had pretty much given up on it.  I was spinning through the Target in Blue Springs tonight after a meeting and VOILA!  They had TWO!  Even better, they were on sale for $30 so I scooped one up.  For a minute I thought about buying the second one too and ebay-ing it but then I thought about how happy I was when I found it and decided to leave it in hopes someone else will be just as delighted with their find.

2.  The Christmas Stores at work opened today.  Families who have no other means can come shop for their families Christmas gifts free of charge.  It was busy, and emotional and we got two news stations in today.  This continues until next Monday. 

3.  There are presents under the tree for me!!!  And it’s not even December 24th yet.  I’ve shaken a few and think I know what they are.  I’m so excited!!!

4.  My Mom has decided to let my nephew have a dog for Christmas.  Her hair dresser might have a dog… we should find out by Monday.  If that doesn’t work out I will be at the shelters on the 23rd finding the perfect dog.  I’m so excited… he is going to be so surprised. He NEEDS a dog right now, a companion to listen to him that is non-judgmental.

5.  My Mom brought me two glass Christmas tree candy dishes today… I love them!  But of course, that meant I had to buy candy to put in them.  That’s dangerous!

6.  Saturday Robert and I are meeting Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward at Crown Center to visit Santa and see all the Christmas stuff.  Hopefully the start of a new yearly tradition.

7.  Sunday we are having friends over for a little Christmas celebration.  I have so much to do to get ready.  Would help if I could get home before 8pm.  Tomorrow Jim is in Joplin for the day so I will have to pick up Robert from school and be home at a decent time.

8.  Tomorrow is six months at my new job.  I still love it.

9.  I can’t wait to go to the store Friday to get some things to do some baking!

10.  It has been bitterly cold this week and tomorrow they are calling for sleet… ugh!  I’m ready for a “warm” day… maybe something in the 40’s!


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