Catching Up

December has been super busy so it’s time for me to play a little bit of catch up. 

Robert thought that most of our ornaments were just toys so I spent a good part of the month both picking them up off the floor and gluing them back together, or “fikkits-ing them” as Robert would say.

He thought he fit perfectly in the tree storage box.

Tree 1Tree 2Tree 3Tree 4Tree 5Tree 6Tree 7Tree 8Tree 9Tree 10Tree 11Tree 12Tree 13Tree 14

Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward met us at Zona Rosa for a carriage ride one night.  It was cold and we had over an hour wait but we were bundled up and Robert was a real trooper.  He got some hot chocolate which he really liked.  Afterwards we had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.


Robert made some wreath picture frame Christmas ornaments.Wreath 1Wreath 2Wreath 3Wreath 4Wreath 5Wreath 6Wreath 7Wreath 8


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