How To Beg For a Later Bedtime

Guest blogger Robert Charles here.  OK… pay close attention.  I’m gonna teach you the fine art of begging.

#1  Flash a killer smile, it always helps.
Bedtime 1

#2 Look adorable.  Who can resist a sideways glance and puppy eyes.

Bedtime 2

#3  Repeat your request while leaning in slightly so that they can hear you better.

Bedtime 3

#4  Let your face show how disappointed you are they are not honoring your request.

Bedtime 4

#5 Flat out pout and intimate that your Mommy is the meanest Mommy in the world.

Bedtime 5

Works 9 out of 10 times… really, at least I think it does, I’m still learning odds.


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