Christmas Day

What a Christmas Day!  It was so much fun all day.  Robert was reluctant to wake up in the morning.  I tried everything, “Merry Christmas!”  “Santa was here!”  “It’s time to get up”  Finally I said, “It’s time to open presents!”  He popped right up on that one and headed for the living room.  Here he is at the top of the steps when he first saw the presents.  Funny, my first photo of the day is my favorite.xmas am 1

Then it was on to the opening!xmas am 2xmas am 3xmas am 4xmas am 5

He got way too much stuff!xmas am 6xmas am 7

Then it was time to show him the drum set.  He was so excited!drummer 1drummer 2drummer 3drummer 4drummer 5drummer 6drummer 7

After he drummed for a while he decided he was hungry.  He asked Daddy for a beagle with cheese (bagel with cream cheese) and settled in on the couch with a bagel in one hand and his Mobigo in the other hand… total sloth!xmas am 8

I got this way cool quote shaped chalk board for Christmas so we made Robert the official greeter for the day.  He was standing on the bench in the entryway holding it when people sign 2mc sign 3mc sign 4MC Sign

Grandma, Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward, Cousin Donald and Cousin Erika, Baby Lucas and Bo all came over.  We had a few different dips and chips and sandwich stuff and salads.  My spinach artichoke dip was a huge hit.  Jim made chicken liver pate for he and Mom and she really liked it. She took the remainder home with her, along with some of the spinach artichoke dip I baked separately for her.

I love this picture of my nephew and I.xmas day 1xmas day 2xmas day 3xmas day 4xmas day 5
Aunt Barb and Uncle Ward got Robert some more Legos AND a microphone… which he LOVED.  He has now moved it in by his drums so that he can drum and sing.xmas day 6xmas day 7xmas day 8xmas day 9xmas day 10xmas day 11

Robert got to hold Baby Lucas and he loved it.xmas day 12xmas day 13xmas day 14xmas day 15

It was such a fun day.  I was sorry when it was over.


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