Post Christmas

The day after Christmas we headed out and did some shopping.  We got Roberrt some new pajamas (on sale at Carters… yeah!!!!)  Jim and I both found some new shirts also.  We headed to Target to get some new portable power cords for various things for the road trip.  We also got Robert some new headphones for the trip.  The rest of Sunday and Monday we spent at home.

There was a lot of drumming.
drumming 2drumming

Later in the day he added the microphone to the drum set so now he can sing and drum!
He played with my Mobigo a lot.

He also spent a lot of time proving to Mommy and Daddy that he is the real Buzz Lightyear.
im buzz

He had Daddy write his name on Buzz’s foot so everyone knows he has an owner.
owning buzz

Tomorrow we hit the road for a few days in Arkansas at Jim’s Aunt and Uncle’s house.


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