New Year, New Challenges

A new year, no resolutions, just a few new challenges.

This one caught my eye.  NEW 52   I think it would be fun to try 52  new things this year.  They don’t have to be big things, maybe try a new food (which wouldn’t be hard for me since I’m a fairly picky eater), read a different genre of book than I usually do, try a new hobby or technique.  So, I’m officially on the New 52 bandwagon.  I’m thinking about making a list of 52 things and putting them in a jar and drawing them out.  Possibly keeping a few bigger ones like taking a class of some sort out so that I can schedule it.  Any suggestions on things you think I should try in 2011???

I would love to do a Project 365 and I’m absolutely in love with Becky Higgins album this year, but I know I suck at this from past experience.  One thing I learned from Reverb10 is my life is pretty boring… but it works for me so that’s OK.  This idea caught my eye though.  A Year of Weekends  We tend to rock weekends… that’s our big family time.  Jim rarely travels on weekends so we’re generally guaranteed to be together.  I think this could be a do-able and fun project.  Of course, I’m one weekend behind but it should be easy to catch up.

Finally, I’m going to do a book challenge.  The A-Z Book Challenge.  I’m choosing option A, read 26 books with titles starting with the first letter of the alphabet in order.  Right now I’m reading “The Ask”.  Anyone have suggestions for a good “B” book???

So, these are my personal challenges for the year.  You’ll (hopefully) be reading more about them as the year goes on.


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