What A Cool Gift

My friend Dianne emailed me today asking me if I was going to be at a meeting tonight because she had Robert’s Christmas gift and wanted to bring it to me.  I was planning on being there so I picked up the present.  When I got home Robert met me at the door.  He saw the present and his eyes lit up.

Robert: “Mama!  You have a present!”
Me:  “Yes, I do.”
Robert:  “Is it for me????”
Me:  “Yes baby, it’s for you.”
Robert: “A present!  For me!  Hurry Mama!!!”

So he had to open it immediately.  And he was absolutely thrilled with what he saw.RC Band In A Box 1RC Band in A Box 2

A complete Band in a Box.  He was super excited.RC Band In A Box 3RC Band In A BoxRC Band In A Box 4RC Band In A Box 5

Lots and lots of instruments!!!  He carefully chose different ones for Mommy and Daddy to play and we had a band night!  I love that I have friends who love and know my son so well and always pick the perfect gift for him.


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