Year of Weekends–January 14-16

January 14-16

We had a pretty low key weekend.  The highlights of the weekend were going to Home Depot Friday night to buy a new range and washing machine (ugh!).  It was necessary.  I wasn’t ready to let go of that much money but the oven is not shutting off all the time and was here when we moved in and the range top has always been a mess.  We’ve talked for over a year about getting a new one and now that it’s a fire hazard, it’s time.  The washing machine is on it’s last legs so I decided while we were appliance shopping we might as well preemptively replace it too.  Afterwards we headed over to Chili’s for dinner.

Saturday we headed to Blanc Burgers and Bottles on the Plaza for lunch.  It was my “New 52” for the week.  Jim had eaten there once before and was eager to go again.  We spent the rest of the day putzing around the house taking care of little things.

Sunday it was all about football.  Jim made chili for lunch and we watched the Bears game together.  Jim went to D’luxe in Parkville to watch the second game and was disappointed that he was the only person there.  Robert literally wore his pirate hat all day Sunday, including in the bathtub!  We spent a lot of time hunting treasure together.


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