New 52–Week 3

I had today off and I really think it would have been easier on my to go to work!  I challenged myself this week to do a menu plan on Sunday taking into account breakfast, lunch and dinner for all of us and then do the shopping and, here’s the hard part, sticking to it!  I stayed up late last night putting together all the components of the plan and making my shopping list (gotta love and their recipe box/grocery list maker).  After lunch with a good friend today I headed to the grocery store, which seemed incredibly busy for a Monday at 2pm and everyone else there seemed to have 2.5 children in tow.  I actually made it out of the store in 22 minutes (I believe this is a new personal best!)  When I got home I started prepping/cooking.  Pork loin was on sale this week so I chose two pork dishes (my new since I’ve never cooked pork before… there are A LOT of things I have never cooked before).  For dinner tonight we had: apple glazed pork loin, old fashioned green beans (which I ate, ignoring my aversion to green vegetables, in an attempt to model good eating habits for Robert… he promptly “shared” his green beans with Daddy) and salad.  It was very, very good. 
apple glazed pork loin

I also made slow cooked bbq pork for our lunches in the slow cooker and an egg and sausage casserole for our breakfasts.  We are going to attempt to not hit the snooze, actually get up at 6am and have breakfast together.  A whole lot of new going on here this week!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned Robert had worn his pirate hat ALL day, including, in the bath tub…
Pirate Bath

That trend continued into the night and he wound up wearing it to bed too!
Pirate TV

The paper in his fist is a treasure map.  He’ll bring us random pieces of paper and ask us to roll them up, they are then treasure maps… I love this kid!



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5 responses to “New 52–Week 3

  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats on trying a new recipe … pork loin is delicious isn’t it? What took you so long to realise? LOL! I LOVE your plates / crockery … the bright colours are so funky & cheery … eating off those would make me SMILE! Just like your little pirate makes me smile and he’s obviously a true pirate because he never takes his hat off … not even for bathing or sleeping!

  2. Oh my I love your dishes! I’ve never made pork loin. I don’t cook much. Bravo on eating together. That’s probably more fun than what you’re eating.

    Loving the pirate hat. Cute Cute Cute!

  3. Love your dishes!!
    Congrats on making the shopping list and planning the menu…I need to get back to doing this. (it’s one of my least favorite things to do)
    And…that’s the cutest pirate I’ve ever seen!

  4. Thanks for all the comments. The dishes are actually from Kohl’s. There is a matching table cloth that I bought first and then went back and bought the dishes because I loved the bright pattern so much.

  5. Woa, that’s a whole lotta new, but I love it! Sounds like your plan is working out, and congrats on trying to cook new things and having breakfast together too. Awesome!

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