Yesterday the roads were bad enough that I got to stay home from work, which was a good thing because they cancelled preschool.  It was nice to be home with my boy for the day.

We snuggled, we played, I made cinnamon rolls, he blew bubbles, he pretended to be a t-rex… it was a lot of fun.  Sort of made me miss being off work and home with him, except for the fact I was so tired I fell asleep at 7pm and didn’t wake up until the alarm went  off at 6am!
Cinnamon Rolls
Snow Day 1Snow Day 2Snow Day 3Snow Day 4
Snow Day 5Snow Day 6Snow Day 7

After Daddy got home Robert decided he wanted to go out and play in the snow.  We didn’t have a sled so Jim pulled him around the yard on the shovel… he loved it!
RC Snow 1RC Snow 2RC Snow 3RC Snow 4RC Snow 5RC Snow 6RC Snow 7RC Snow 8RC Snow 9

Today on my lunch hour I ran out and bought him a sled.  He was so excited when I got home and he saw it.  Yes, had to sit on the sled, wearing no pants, but he had his mittens on.
RC SledA

So we had to get bundled up and go outside to break it in.
RC Sled 2RC Sled 4RC Sled 5RC Sled 6RC Sled 7RC Sled 8RC Sled 9RC Sled 10

Harley toppled him but he was wearing so many layer he hardly noticed.

RC Sled 11

Except for the fact he couldn’t sit himself back up.
RC Sled 12

“Mama!  Dada!  HELP!”  He was literally like a turtle on its shell.

RC Sled 13RC Sled 14RC SledRC Sled3

There were several a few tears when it was time to come inside since it was getting dark and Mommy and Daddy were tired and cold.  We promised that the snow would still be there tomorrow (and the next day, and next day, and next day – I am so sick of snow!)



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2 responses to “SNOW DAYS!!!

  1. You slept from 7pm until 6am…I want to be like you!!!

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