I Wasn’t Ready for This

Saturday I went to breakfast with two really good friends, came home and ran to Target with the boys.  We had a nice lunch and I had just changed into my at home clothes when the phone rang.  It was my Mom.  My Aunt Barb was being taken via ambulance to the hospital with seizures.  While I was on the phone with her my Uncle chimed in so I switched over.  He was crying and very upset and all I could do was keep telling him I’m on my way as I grabbed for my jeans and socks.  When I got to the hospital she had had a CAT scan and was in good spirits.  She looked a hell of a lot better than I was expecting to find.  Apparently she was having uncontrollable tremors in her legs that came on about every 30 minutes and lasted 2-3 minutes.  Her spirits were really good and she was even cracking jokes.  The CAT scan showed possible stroke activity so they decided to admit her.  I really liked the neurologist, she was good and thorough and personable.  The ER doctor I was NOT impressed with and as soon as my aunt is out of the hospital I’ll be firing them off an email about his bedside manner (or lack thereof). 

All day Sunday was spent testing.  I kept thinking it was probably going to be a small stroke or Parkinson’s.  I got the call today, it’s a brain tumor.  You could have knocked me out of my chair.  The good news is it’s benign.  She will meet with a surgeon tomorrow to discuss the possible course of treatment.  She’s got an awesome attitude but also has some concerns. 

Needless to say I’m anxious for tomorrow to come so we will know what we’re going to do.  She has no choice but to be fine.  She absolutely adores Robert, and he loves her.  He needs her.  I need her.  She’s one of my best friends, we have the best time together.  When the two of us get together you can be guaranteed that there will be laughter… and LOTS of it.  We’ve vacationed together (when I was 25 or so we headed to Iowa to tour the Bridges of Madison County… still one of my best memories).  She (and my uncle) took me in when my apartment complex got taken over and we were all evicted (eviction notice on my door when I came home from my Dad’s funeral).   She’s also the best goat herder ever!
Aunt Barb Goats


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  1. Susanne – so sorry to hear about your aunt, but it’s good that it’s benign and treatable! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your aunt that you treasure very much.

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