A Fantastic Weekend

It was such a perfectly incredible weekend.  Mostly because we spent so much time just relaxing and visiting with family.  It started out Friday night with our Chinese New Year celebration.

Saturday we went to pick out new glasses for Jim since I got my health flexible spending card in the mail Friday night… whoo hoo… we’re medically rich!  (doesn’t take a lot to excite us sometimes)  Thanks to the buy one get one sale he’s not only getting new glasses but also new sunglasses.  He was happy.
Jim Glasses 1Jim Glasses 2

After that we headed to Hen House to pick up some flowers for my Aunt and cupcakes to surprise my uncle.  His birthday was the 15th and even though I bought his card in December I forgot to mail it.  Then I failed to call on the 15th before Robert fell asleep.  That led me to feeling guilty and not calling for a few days (which is silly because I talk to them almost every day).  My aunt finally called a few days later.  A few days after that she told me my uncle had commented that he was surprised I hadn’t called or sent a card.  I made a mental note to get that card in the mail!  Then my aunt went into the hospital and it didn’t seem like a good time to send my uncle a funny card.  So, when we got there he assumed there were books for my aunt in the bag.  The boys all went to the living room and my aunt and I went to the kitchen, so she could get her flowers in water.  I put the cupcakes on a tray and called Robert to come get the card.  We walked into the living room singing “Happy Birthday” with the cupcakes all lit up.  My uncle was so pleased.  It’s never too late to do the right thing!
Robert Roses 1Robert Roses 2Robert Roses 3


We had a nice visit then came home to relax.  At bath time Robert insisted on wearing his “tool goggles” in the bath tub.
Bath 1Bath 2

Sunday morning Robert woke up on his own and came crawling into our bed all smiles and giggles.  I told him I couldn’t remember where we were going today… he smiled broadly and yelled, “Grandma’s House!!!”  So we got up and dressed and headed out.  We stopped at Starbucks for coffee and muffins.

Then it was on to Grandma’s house!!!  A lot of visiting, petting the dog, lunch and Grandma made orange julius’.
Orange Julius 1Orange Julius 2

She also introduced Robert to Charlotte’s Web… he loved it.
Charlotte's Web

When we left we stopped by Costco to re-up our membership and do some shopping.  Unfortunately it seems all of Eastern Jackson County was there too!  Aye, yay, yay!  We finally got out of there, and look like  we are stocking up for nuclear winter!  Robert was one tired pirate by the time we got home.
Pooped Pirate

Eventually he woke up and we had a very fun dinner, complete with singing.

Dinner Laughs

Such a great weekend full of family and fun.  Just as it should be!  Now they’re calling for the storm of the century to start tomorrow night.  I just need to get to the office tomorrow to pick up a grant (that is finished and the copies made) to deliver tomorrow (it’s due Tuesday) and get home and then it can snow all it wants and we will just cuddle and play!  We have food, heat, and everything else we need.


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