We’re in the middle of a full blown blizzard here in Kansas City.  We got over 9 inches of snow today and it’s blowing like crazy.  Luckily Jim and I both are able to work from home when conditions are this miserable.  The National Guard has been mobilized in the state and Kansas City has declared a State of Emergency.  It’s ugly outside but inside we are warm and toasty.  We have plenty of food, and with Robert there is no shortage of entertainment.

We pretend to be super heroes and go rescue things…

He also does impersonations… here he is a baby t-rex begging for dino treats..

Last night Robert was not going to sleep.  I don’t know if the impending blizzard had an effect like the full moon but he went non-stop for hours.

He danced…

He read to me..
Reading Thomas 1Reading Thomas 2Reading Thomas 3

Eventually he crashed out though.
Sleeping Pirate

Tonight he fell asleep at 5pm and we were not able to wake him up for dinner.  I guess it’s hard working babysitting/entertaining your parents all day.  Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again!


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