Returning to Normal

Jim got our driveway scooped today.  The city has lifted the State of Emergency.  The roads are pretty well cleared.  Life is getting back to normal.  Tomorrow it’s back to daycare for Robert and the office for Jim and I.  We have had a good time together.  It’s always fun to “steal” a few extra hours of life with Robert.  He has kept us entertained and on our feet with visits from pirates, super heroes and my favorite, baby t-rex.  He can entertain himself when he needs to which allowed Jim and I to answer emails and work on projects that past two days. 

He had donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast yesterday thanks to Jim’s early morning QuikTrip run.
Donuts and Choc Milk

Then he climbed up at the pass-through with Jim and used his DVD player and a book to make a computer so he could work alongside Daddy.
Home Office 1Home Office 2Home Office 3Home Office 4

It was also nice to catch up on some scrapbook pages.
Pork Loin - Week 3New 52 Week 4 - Chinese New Year
January 21january 28-30


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