Brain Dump 2

I was on my way to work this morning when my Mom called.  My aunt took a turn for the worse overnight and was paralyzed on her right side and unresponsive.  So much for the office, I headed to the hospital.  Things only got worse from there.

The paralyzation is being caused, we think, from swelling in the brain.  They have been unable to get that under control with medication.  The biopsy also came back.  She has the worst form of brain cancer there is.  Glioblastoma MultiformeThe treatment protocol is pretty aggressive but the outcome seems to be the same. 

Unfortunately, right now the resistant to treatment malignant cancer is the least of our problems.  We have to get the swelling under control.  We made the tough decision to intubate her.  We need to protect her airway and keep any drainage out of her lungs.  If not we’ll be looking at life threatening pneumonia.  She is not heavily sedated and all we can do is wait.  I suck at wait.  I did finally convince my uncle to go home and rest.  There is nothing else that can be done today and he needs to keep his strength up.  We’ll both be back at the hospital early tomorrow.  I plan to be there all weekend.  I’m taking a bag and am prepared to stay at the hospital or at their house if needed.

I did send an email to the people on my list and ask them that they please do not call the house.  My uncle is exhausted and the last thing he needs when he is home trying to rest is a bunch of people calling.  I know they love and care for her too but they’re gonna just have to settle for email updates right now.

Jim got permission to leave the class he is in and catch the first available flight home.  He landed a few minutes ago and went to pick up Robert.  That will allow me to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep and hopefully be fresh in the morning.  Unfortunately I have a killer headache… wonder if it’s just sympathy pains. 


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