Multiple Personalities

Robert cracks me up with his multiple personalities.  He puts on a hat and transforms into a different character.  Tonight, thanks to the Backyardigans, he had to be a cowboy.  And of course, a cowboy needs a horse… enter Mama the horse.  He was so funny.  “Horse, we ride the range now.”  “Thank you horse.”Cowboy

Later he was a construction worker.  Apparently one with a gambling addiction.  He loves carrying this dice cup around these days.  I’ve been joking that he’s getting craps games together during free time at preschool.

Construction Worker

Finally he was a high-tech pirate ruling the iTouch from his ship.  I love how he works the headphones around the hat.Hi Tech Pirate

It was a good night of doing nothing but playing with Robert.  I need more nights like this.

I got an email from my uncle today, he has done so much walking and Wii bowling with his left hand that the therapist didn’t think he needed any formal physical therapy at this point.  Just keep doing what he’s been doing.  He’s keeping active.  He’s taking care of himself.  He’s going to be fine.


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