For Today

I stole this from Peppermint’s blog…

It’s from The Simple Woman’s Daybook and it’s such an intriguing list of leading statements – or “journaling prompts” as we call them.


Outside my window…snow, snow and more snow.  My God I am sick of snow!

I am thinking…about some friends who are having a rough patch with family/marriage.  About how I need to call my uncle (we’ve emailed all week) but I know if I do reality will set in that my aunt is not answering the phone.  I miss our nightly calls.  About plans for family fun day tomorrow and what we should do.  About my nephew and hoping his life can turn around a bit soon.  About a great meeting at work today and how there are some neat opportunities just around the corner.  About if I have clean socks for tomorrow.  My mind is going a million miles a minute.

I am thankful for…a weekend with the boys.  We need this time to reconnect and have fun and make memories. 

From the kitchen…I need to dig through my recipes to find something fun to feed my parents on Sunday, a new recipe – although that’s always a little risky with company but I figure my parents have to love me even if it’s a bad dish.

I am wearing…sweats… it’s cold in here tonight.  Actually I’m always cold.

I am creating…mostly messes.  I need to get the creative ju ju going again.  Trying to get my 2010 year in review layouts done.  Want to make a photo book of Robert and Aunt Barb together so that the next time there is a good printing deal I can get it printed.  Need to work on yearly review books.  And of course, there are all the current things we are doing to scrap and record.

I am going…to try to quit smoking, again.  I promised my uncle.  Bought the patches tonight and sometime this weekend will put one on and try again.  Perhaps the 754th time is the charm.

I am reading…Bright Lights Big Ass by Jen Lancaster… except I can’t seem to find any time to read lately.  Need to dig the Nook out of my briefcase and charge it up.  February is over and I’m not through with my “B” book in my A to Z challenge… I need to step it up or I’m never going to make it through the alphabet this year!

I am hoping…I can get my mind to shut down so I can get some sleep.

I am hearing…the dog snoring and the TV in the background.

Around the house…it looks like a bomb exploded.  Between Jim being out of town one week and me busy with family commitments the next we’ve gotten WAY behind on everything.  Need to remedy that this weekend.

One of my favorite things…spending time with Jim and Robert.  Tonight we went out for pizza and to Target.  Nothing super fancy or fun but it’s so nice just to be together as a family.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Family fun day tomorrow.  A ton of housework.  Busy week at work with reports and grants to write.

A picture I love:  My little lego, train loving boy.


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