New 52: Week 8–Under the Sea

Saturday we had Family Fun Day.  Our ultimate destination was the Under the Sea exhibit at Crown Center for Robert.

We got up and headed down to Crown Center.  We stopped briefly for breakfast at Einstein Brothers.

Hallmark has a great place for kids, Kaleidoscope.  It’s a place where kids can come create things out of leftover materials from Hallmark production.  Jim had never been so we decided to see if we could get into the 11:20am Family Session.  We got there at 11 and there was no line so they let us go on back.  There was no crowd.  It was a lot better than the last time I took Robert and the place was packed.

For the longest time we were the only ones in the neon paint room.  It has black light and you paint with neon paints.
Neon Painting

There is also a wall where you can paint with light wands and it snaps pictures and incorporates your picture into the painting.  Really cool.
Light BoardLight Wand with MamaLight Wand

They have a table with square pieces of chip board that you can color…
Puzzle Making

… then you run it through the cutting machine and it makes it into a puzzle.

Puzzle CuttingPainting Crown

RC & Mama on Couch

This room had buttons that made different noises when you pressed them.  Buttons AND noise… it was Robert’s favorite, hands down!

Sound Room

Afterwards we headed down to the “Under the Sea” exhibit.  It’s a bunch of things the kiddos can climb on and play in all with an ocean theme.  They change up things in the exhibit hall every few months.  Last year at this time it was the Clifford.

I had to chuckle that they had a pirate ship and it was the first day in FOREVER that Robert was not wearing his pirate hat.
Pirate Ship

Little HouseMamaOctopusShark DiverSubmarine

I stuck my head in one of the cut outs and told Robert I was stuck.  Instead of pushing my head back he pulled it all the way through… I almost did get stuck!
Mama Head Stuck

Afterwards we got a slushee for Robert and ran to Function Junction so I could spend one of my Muncharoos.  I got some really cool dinosaur cookie cutters at Function Junction so I could make T-Rex cookies for Robert.  He loved them. 

I finally got around to calling my uncle this morning.  We’ve emailed all week and I’ve kept tabs on him but I haven’t been able to dial their number.  I used to talk to my aunt nightly and I knew she wouldn’t answer the phone.  But, I can’t be in denial forever so I called this morning…  and got the answering machine!  He called back when we got home and we had a good talk.  We’re figuring out all the what next’s.



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2 responses to “New 52: Week 8–Under the Sea

  1. What an adventure. It looks like so much fun. Heck, I would have a ball there. 🙂

  2. Sounded like a really fun place! It would be so fun to paint with neon paints in black light.

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