Ten On Tuesday

1.  It’s been one month since I talked to my Aunt.  She was heading into surgery the following morning.  Everything was going to be fine.  Everything is so not fine.

2.  I won tickets to the Missouri Mavericks hockey game tonight.  Since there were only two I suggested the boys have a boys night out.  From their texts I think they are having a good time, and Mommy has really needed Mommy’s night in.

3.  Mel Kitty must know I’m having a rough night, he hasn’t left my side… he even hissed until Harley got off the bed.

4.  My nephew is going through a rough patch right now.  It’s hard seeing him go through this but I’m helping him as much as I can.  And I’m getting a crash course, no pun intended, in traffic court.

5.  We start moving into our new building at work tomorrow.  I’m so ready to be in our new space.  It’s clean, it’s organized, my office is in a much quieter space now.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly the next three days and I don’t have to work over the weekend.

6.  My uncle is doing OK.  He did call me Sunday and broke down.  He had listened to the tape of the eulogy for the first time.  He’s staying active.  People are calling and going out to lunch, dinner, etc.  I still worry.  He doesn’t want to see Robert yet.  And I haven’t seen him since I brought him home from the hospital two weeks ago.  I’m trying to get better about calling and not just emailing.  It’s just weird… but we will figure it all out.

7.  I’m trying to quit smoking.  It’s not easy.  I’m going to win this time.

8.  I really wish the world would go away for a few days.  Or that I would, either would work for me right now; neither is going to happen.

9.  I’m really starting to feel the “sandwich” generation thing and wondering if I’m going to be able to do it, and do it well and care for all these relatives.  Four relatives over 65 who I’m the “child” for and one little boy who is three at home.

10.  I wonder…


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