New 52: Week 10

This is a super exciting “new” for me.  We moved into our new offices this week!  The capital campaign has been going on for three years.  We broke ground in late August and on Wednesday I went from a crappy make-shift cubicle with a book shelf for one wall and a very small desk (the joys of the not-for-profit world) to my new, beautiful cubicle in an equally beautiful building.
new cubicle

Not only is it a wonderful work space with real filling cabinets that lock and plenty of desk space, it’s in the administrative wing of the building.  No longer am I distracted by the people coming and going from the food pantry when trying to write a grant.  A lot fewer distractions will make for a lot more productivity.  No longer having to bring my laptop and retreat to the coffee house when deadlines loom and the environment is way too chaotic.

I got my office all unpacked and set up on Wednesday.  I spent today at the building helping to set up the warehouse and pantry.  We are good to go on Monday!  So very exciting!  We will be able to serve more people.  There will be more privacy for our clients.  No more cracked floor tiles.  No more stained walls.  No more God only knows what growing in the building.

And, for those of you who have waited patiently… a picture of last week’s cake.


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  1. What an awesome NEW this week! How exciting to move to a new and improved work space and have all those things that work out better. Grant writing sounds very interesting!

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