Our Weekend

Weekends are still not back to normal.  Saturday I was at the office all day helping get the warehouse/food pantry set up.  I promised Jim when I left in the morning that I wouldn’t stay past 12:30… I stayed until 3:00pm.  We missed the Brookside St. Pat’s Parade.  Ugh.  To make it up to Jim I asked him what I could bring home for dinner/the KU basketball game.  He thought meatball subs sounded good.  So I stopped at Jersey Boys in NKC.  Saturday was also the Snake Saturday parade in NKC and the deli was packed with drunk people.  Even the staff was drunk.  I think the bouncer (yes, the deli had a bouncer Saturday), the cook and I were the only sober people in the place.  It was quite the experience… but they have incredible meatball subs so it was worth it.

Saturday night I decided maybe we could catch the Shawnee St. Pat’s parade on Sunday.  I decided to call my uncle and see if he wanted to meet us for lunch and possibly the parade.  I was happy when he said yes.  He hasn’t seen Robert since my aunt died and I know he was dreading it and it would be hard but I hoped since it was going to be a neutral place he would be more receptive to the idea. 

Unfortunately, it was not as warm today as it was yesterday.  We met Uncle Ward at Fritz’s for lunch and had a good time.  There were some tears and I know he was teary when we said goodbye but it was a start.  Robert behaved pretty good (Fritz’s is so exciting for him). 
Ward & Robert Fritz
Ward & Robert Fritz 2

Since it was cool we decided to skip the parade.  We drove by the staging area so we saw a lot of it.  We had some errands to run so we did those instead.  Border’s by our house is closing so we decided to check out their sale.  Robert cleaned up.  We got two Melissa and Doug wooden train sets and a learning game.  then at Target we got him a Thomas engine for the train sets.  When we got home we set up his trains immediately in the living room and got him playing with  them.
Robert Train 1Robert Train 2Robert Train 3Robert Train 4Robert Train 5Robert Train 6

That was so we could tackle his room.  It was long overdue for a major purge!  We sorted through toys.  We washed and sanitized everything, including all his toy storage tubs.  We were close to being finished when he walked in… he discovered his old, beloved vacuum had been put in a trash bag (it’s broken!) and was NOT HAPPY!  He tried inspecting the trash bag so I quickly tied it up and had the bags taken out of the room.  He slowly inspected the room taking inventory… it was actually quite funny.  In the end, the room got clean and he now has room to play, the toys are all ones that he has not outgrown and they are all organized again.  I didn’t take any “before” shots because trust me, it had become a dump!  But here are the “after”.
Clean Room 2Clean Room


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