Monday Fun Day–New 52 Week 11

My “New” this week was an idea I borrowed from another blog.  I came across this blog yesterday when I was surfing and really liked the “Crazy Mommy Time” idea.  So I decided to start “Monday Fun Day” at our house.  Something fun and unexpected on a Monday because whose Monday couldn’t use something fun and unexpected?  I’m going with “Monday Fun Day” because I’m assigning Jim some Mondays to plan too Smile

So, tonight on my way home I stopped at Party City and picked up some cans of Silly String.  I took them home, gave two to Jim and told him to wait in the kitchen until I called him.  I grabbed Robert, took him to his room and introduced him to silly string.  It was love at first shot.  Once he got the hang of squirting we called for Daddy.  Then it was on!  All out Silly String war in Robert’s room.  He loved it.  We loved it!  It was messy but cleaned up quickly.  Within 15 minutes of the Silly String being gone the room was back in perfect order.
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Can’t wait to see what Jim comes up with next Monday Smile



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2 responses to “Monday Fun Day–New 52 Week 11

  1. You are one rockin’ mom! Love this idea!

  2. What a great idea! I love experiences so this NEW thing you’re doing on Mondays totally rock! What fun for the whole family!

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